SAARC OILS & FATS TODAY  Magazine is South Asia’s only and most widely read trade magazine on Veg Oils, Fats, Dairy products & technology, its industry and trade. It is the first magazine of its kind giving in-depth analysis of the debates, trade issues, government policies and a mirror of the industry. It is the most effective media tool to reach out to the decision makers in Oils & Oil seeds Processing Industries, Processed Food Industries, Importers and Exporters, consultants and input suppliers.

We have been regularly participating in all National and International seminars and conventions being held in India & abroad and distributing our magazine in these to all the participants apart from its subscribers and advertisers.

SAARC OILS & FATS TODAY Magazine – Your Gateway to In-Depth Analysis, Decision-Maker Connections, and a Global Outlook in Veg Oils, Fats, Dairy, and Technology.

  • In-Depth Industry Analysis: Offers comprehensive insights into the Veg Oils, Fats, Dairy products, and technology sectors, including debates, trade issues, and government policies.

  • Access to Decision Makers: Targets industry leaders in processing, trade, and consultancy, making it a valuable resource for networking and staying informed on sector trends.

  • Global Perspective: Participation in international events provides a worldwide outlook and unique networking opportunities within the oils, fats, and dairy industries.

Latest Edition
March&April 2024