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APEDA Exporter's Directory
APEDA Exporter`s Directory
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Manufacturers, Exporters & Traders of :
Floriculture, Seeds & Herbal Medicinal Plants
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Other Processed Fruits & Vegetables
Animal Products
Poultry Products
Dairy Products and Natural Honey
Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic Beverages
Milled Products and Organic Produce

Cost :- US$ 100- Rs. 2000/- + Rs. 150/- towards postage/courier charges.
APEDA Exporter's Directory

Food Processing Industry & Trade Directory Food Processing Industry & Trade Directory
Ministry of Food Processing Industries - Profile
Processed Food Products Suppliers & Exporters
Beverages Pulps, Juices & Other Liquid Foods Exporters & Manufacturers
Bakery Items, Confectioneries & Other Ready to Eat Snakes Food Suppliers & Exporters
Suppliers of Fresh & Dried Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts
Meat, Poultry, Fisheries & Marine Products Suppliers
Milk & Other Dairy Products
Pickle, Chutney, Jam, Jelly
Other Processed Fruits/ Vegetables Products Suppliers
Rice - Basmati & Non-basmati and Cereals Products
Food Processing Machineries & Equipments Suppliers
Food Additives, Chemicals Ingredients & Spices Suppliers
Food Quality Certification Agencies
Cold Chain & Logistics Support Providers.
Food Packaging Material, Machineries & Equipment Suppliers
Commercial Kitchen Equipments & Inputs
Laboratories & Laboratory Equipments / Machineries Suppliers
Importers Directory of Food & Agro Products
Cost : US$ 150 - Rs. 1850/- + Rs. 150/- towards postage/courier charges

Roller Flour Mills & Allied Industries Directory
Roller Flour Millers Federation of India : Profile
MFPI Addresses
Bureau of Indian Standards
APEDA Offices & Virtual Offices & AGMARK Offices
List of other Bodies
Statewise Flour Mills Listings
Wheat Products Manufacturers
Allied Industries & Service Sectors like Additives, Chemicals, Banks & Financial Institutions, Brokers,
Consultants, Freight Forwarders & Transporters, Laboratories & Lab. Instruments Suppliers, Plants,
Machineries and Other Input Suppliers, Surveyors & Analysts
Advertisers Index, etc.

Cost : US$ 80 - Rs. 600/- + Rs. 150/- towards postage/courier charges.

Floriculture, Nursery & Landscape Industry Directory Food Processing Industry & Trade Directory
Flower Exporters, Growers,Traders, Wholesalers, Retailers & Suppliers
Nurseries & Garden Centres
Importers of Flower & Ornamental Plants
Tissue Culture Companies
Flower Shops & Designers
Floriculture Accessories Suppliers
Greenhouse Manufacturers
Irrigation & Fertigation System Suppliers
Swimming Pools & Equipments Suppliers
Members of All leading Industry
Poly films & Shading Nets Manufacturers
Packaging Accessories Suppliers
Inputs Suppliers, Garden Shops
Landscape Architects, Contractors & Gardeners
Fertilizer, Pesticide & Bio-Fertilizer Suppliers
Research & Educational Institutions
Planting Materials & Seeds Suppliers
Dry Flower Exporters & Importers
Air Cargo and C & F Service Providers
Horticulture Deptts. / Govt. Agencies
Pots, Hanging & Other Gardening Accessories Suppliers

Cost : US$ 80 - Rs. 1500/- + Rs. 150/- towards postage/courier charges.
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