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                                                         would be introduced to other  Heavy metal contamination in
                                                         northern  markets.  Later,  this
                                                         sells  35  lakh  litres  of  liquid  south Indian banana fields
                                                         markets as well.  Mother Dairy
                                                         milk per day, of which about
                                                         20% is cow milk. The company   Over 250 soil samples from three south Indian States were studied
                                                         achieved  Rs.  600  crore  sales
                                                         turnover  from  cow  milk  last   ecades   after   the
                                                         fiscal  and  the  turnover  is  Dpronounced   use   of
                                                         expected  to  touch  Rs.  1,000   chemical   fertilizers   and
                                                         crore this fiscal.      pesticides, its negative impacts
                                                            Mother  Dairy’s  overall   are reaching new heights with
                                                         turnover  stood  at  Rs.  8,700   heavy  metal  contamination
                                                         crore during the 2017-18 fiscal,   now reported in banana fields
                                                         the  bulk  of  which  came  from   of South India.
          collaboration,   PMFL   will   National  Dairy  Development   liquid  milk.  Dairy  products,   An extensive study of over
          manufacture  colostrum-based   Board (NDDB) had sanctioned   fruits and vegetables and edible   250  soil  samples  from  three
          health food product GO Colo   Rs. 6.38 crore for setting up 12   oils  divisions  contributed  the   south Indian States — Kerala,
          Power by acquiring the patent   additional Bulk Cooling Units   rest.   Karnataka  and  Tamilnadu  —
          rights for this technology from   (BCU)  and  secure  additional   The  company  is  a  major   has  shown  that  most  of  the   Science   and   Pollution   which  rarely  occurs  naturally
          the Swedish company. PMFL’s   30,000  litres  of  milk  from  the   supplier of milk in the national   banana  fields  have  amounts   Research.  “This  is  a  result   in soil, was detected in all the
          move is in-line with its strategy   farmers in the rural areas. He   capital  region  with  sales  of   of   copper,   magnesium,   of  farmers  using  chemical   samples  studied,  and  many
          to  add  value-added  dairy   said  the  Karimnagar  Dairy    about  30  lakh  litres  per  day   chromium  and  cobalt  higher   fertilizers  without  proper  soil   samples were at levels near the
          products to its portfolio.   was  procuring  1.4  lakh  litres   through  800  milk  booths.   than  the  threshold  levels  for   testing and applying above the   threshold.
            Devendra Shah, Chairman,   of milk per day and selling 1.8   In  other  cities  like  Mumbai,   normal soils.  recommended  level.  Bananas
          Parag Milk Foods said, “As a   lakh litres per day.   Hyderabad,  Kolkata  and  UP,   Researchers   from   the   are highly prone to insect and   First step
          strategy, we have been looking   With  a  recent  add-on,   it sells another 5 lakh litres per   Laboratory  of  Plant  Science   nematode attack and they also   “This  is  a  preliminary
          at  introducing  products  that   Nandini  brand  of  sweets,  a   day.   and  Ecology  at  Mahatma   require more pesticides, which   report and the beginning of an
          can  address  the  challenge  of   household  name  for  Indian        Gandhi University, Kottayam,   gets accumulated in the soil.”  investigation. More studies are
          protein  deficiency  in  India.   dessert   delicacies,   Excited   More   investments   and   collected  the  different  soil   Calcium   levels   almost   needed  to  fully  understand  if
          The launch of GO Colo Power   about   selling   sweets   in   expansion  samples,  categorised  them   reaching  the  threshold  were   the plant is also accumulating
          is in line with that strategy.”   Singapore,   Rakesh   Singh,   With greater policy thrust   according  to  soil  taxonomy   seen  in  many  fields.  Calcium   the  heavy  metals.  There  has
            The company has become   Managing  Director  of  KMF   on food processing, many new   and  used  atomic  absorption   is  used  to  maintain  the  soil   been  evidence  from  across
          the  second  largest  player  in   said,  “We  have  tied  up  with   investments are in the pipeline.   spectroscopy   studies   to   pH  and  over  the  years  has   the  world  that  banana  fruit
          the processed cheese segment   Arab Asia Singapore PTE Ltd.   They are expected to be funded   analyse  the  level  of  different   accumulated   in   the   soil.   accumulates  heavy  metals.
          (after  Amul)  in  a  span  of  10   which  will  distribute  them  in   with moderate dependence on   heavy metals.  Another heavy metal recorded   More  studies  in  the  Indian
          years  and  commands  33%   Singapore.  It  is  the  first  time   borrowing, including soft loans   was  manganese,  which  is  a   context  and  the  effect  of
          market share.          our sweets will be sold outside   from  the  government’s  Dairy   Magnesium content  major component of pesticide   consuming  these  fruits  also
            Devendra   Shah   said,   India.             Processing  &  Infrastructure   “We  found  an  unusually   used  against  fungal  diseases   need  thorough  examination,”
          “North India is one of the key   The  Federation  is  also   Development  Fund,  beside   high  level  of  magnesium  in   like Fusarium wilt. Though the   adds  Prof.  Joseph  George
          priority markets for Parag Milk   exploring   other   overseas   public and private equity.  the  fields  studied.  While  the   concentration of iron was high,   Ray  from  the  School  of
          Foods, and we are targeting to   markets,   based   on   the   With  steady  growth  in   magnesium  content  of  soil  in   the authors write it may be due   Biosciences  at  the  university
          garner a 10% market share in   response.       milk  sales,  the  sector  should   South Indian soil is known to   to the laterite-based soil of the   and  corresponding  author  of
          the  region.  The  consumption                 see revenue of Rs. 7,500 billion   be  between  30  and  220  mg/  Deccan  Plateau.  Chromium,   the work.
          of dairy products is the highest   Mother Dairy  by  2020-21,  from  Rs.  5,700   Kg, the average of the samples
          in this region”           Mother  Dairy,  which  was   billion in 2017-18.   tested  was  above  900  mg/  For Advertisements in
            Along  with  fresh  milk   established  in  1974  under  the   Gujarat   Co-operative   Kg,”  says  Dr.  K.S.  Nidheesh,
          production, the company will   Operation  Flood  Program,   Milk  Marketing  Federation   from  St.  Joseph’s  University,   AGRITECH INDIA Newspaper
          also  upgrade  its  new  facility   a  nationwide  development   (GCMMF),  which  sells  the   Dimapur  in  Nagaland,  who
          with  additional  amenities  for   program   designed   to   Amul brand of dairy products,   is the first author of the work   Please contact: 011-29535593, 29535872
          the supply of curd, buttermilk   revolutionize milk production   had  announced  Rs.  50  billion   published  in  Environmental
          and yoghurt.           in  rural  India,  is  now  a   of investment to be completed
                                 subsidiary  company  of  a   by 2022 on processing capacity
          Karimnagar Dairy       wholly owned company of the   and  distribution.  Increasing
            The   Karimnagar   Milk   National  Dairy  Development   demand  at  home  and  from
          Producer Company popularly   Board (NDDB).     Indians abroad has helped its
          known  as  Karimnagar  Dairy,   Today,   Mother   Dairy   turnover reach Rs. 295 billion
          a  leading  dairy  in  Telangana,   markets   and   sells   dairy   for FY18.
          got  another  feather  in  its   products  under  the  Mother   After   acquisition   of
          cap  by  bagging  the  national   Dairy  brand,  including  liquid   Reliance   Dairy   to   boost
          level  Indian  Agri-Business   milk,  dahi,  and  ice  creams,   geographical  reach,  Heritage
          Excellence   Award-2018.   dairy  whitener,  cheese  and   Foods  plans  a  big  expansion
          Karimnagar  Dairy  Chairman   butter.          in  North  India.  Heritage  has
          Rajeshwara Rao along with its   Mother   Dairy   clocked   also  acquired  Shah  Motilal
          Managing Director P. Shankar   Rs. 600 crore in revenue from   Foods,  based  in  Telangana,
          Reddy received the award at a   cow  milk  segment  last  fiscal   and  Vaman  Milk  Foods,
          function  organized  by  Indian   and  expects  around  65%  rise   based  in  Punjab,  for  Rs.  120
          Conventions  in  Bengaluru  in   in the current financial year on   million  and  Rs.  200  million,
          association  with  India  Foodex   growing  consumer  demand.   respectively. It now has a big
          and  Agritech  India  recently   Buoyed  by  healthy  sales   capital  expenditure  (capex)
          (Sept. 1).             revenue from cow milk which   plan, with expansion in curd,
            The  Karimnagar  Dairy   it  introduced  in  mid  2016,   cheese and yogurt.
          Chairman  said  that  they  had   Mother  Dairy  has  decided   Parag  Milk  Foods’  profit
          secured  the  excellence  award   to  add  ‘cow  milk  curd’  in  its   is  estimated  to  rise  49%  over
          for  the  milk  procurement,   product portfolio.   FY17-20,  due  to  focus  on
          sales,   milk   producers’   To   begin   with,   the   value-added  products,  with
          welfare   programmes   and   company  will  sell  ‘cow  milk   established  brands  and  capex
          the  health  of  milch  animals   curd’  in  the  Delhi-NCR  and   already undertaken.
          through  veterinary  medical
          camps  at  the  doorstep  of
          farmers.  Giving  details  of  the
          recently  sanctioned  Union
          government’s mega expansion
          project of setting up another 3
          lakh litres capacity at a cost of
          Rs. 63 crore, he said they were
          awaiting the official letter and
          once  received  they  would
          complete  the  project  within
          one  and  half  years  to  secure
          the grant of Rs. 10 crore.
            He  also  said  that  the

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          foodgrain output to touch new record ....

            Oilseeds  output  has  also   2016-17.
          been revised upward to 31.31   Cotton  output  has  been
          million  tonnes  for  2017-18   pegged  at  34.89  million  bales
          crop  year,  marginally  higher   (of  170  kg  each)  for  2017-18
          than  31.28  million  tonnes  in   as  against  32.58  million  bales
          the previous year.     during 2016-17.
            In  case  of  cash  crops,   The ministry releases total
          sugarcane  output  has  been   five  estimates  of  foodgrain
          revised   upward   by   21.9   production at different stages
          million  tonnes  to  a  record
          376.9  million  tonnes  from  its   of  crop  growth.  The  final
          previous  projection  made  for   estimate  for  2017-18  will
          2017-18.  The  output  stood   be  released  along  with  first   crop year. The kharif sowing
          at  306  million  tonnes  during   estimate  for  the  new  2018-19   is underway at present.
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