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          IndIan daIry Industry....

          to  provide  employment  to
          masses.  The  dairy  industry
          is   witnessing   continuous
          investments  across  various
            The  market  is  dominated                                           year, Aavin has currently eyed   Dairy  Products  Ltd.  (CDPL)   technology,  milk  fortification
          by cooperatives such as Amul                                           exports  of  dairy  products  to   acquired  a  milk  processing   project   and   concentrating
          and  Mother  Dairy.  Besides,                                          15  more  countries  by  year-  plant  in  Tirunelveli,  Tamil   its   focus   on   indigenous
          homegrown  players  such  as                                           end.  The  countries  which   Nadu.  A  Greenfield  plant   breed   rather   than   cross
          Nandini, Prabhat Dairy, Parag                                          the  Aavin  dairy  products   in  Visakhapatnam  with  an   breeds  in  largely  unexplored
          Milk  Foods,  Creamline  Dairy   milk producers in Gujarat.  who  are  venturing  into  cattle   will  make  a  beeline  for  are:   investment  of    Rs.  35  crore   areas  like  northwest  Bihar,
          (Godrej Agrovet) and Kwality   Amul   spurred   India’s   rearing  for  the  first  time,   Malaysia,   Britain,   UAE,   and  capacity  of  one  llpd  will   Bundelkhand,   Assam,
          Ltd. have made their presence   White   Revolution,   which   besides  small  milk  producers   Hong  Kong,  Qatar,  Bahrain,   be  fully  operational  by  end   Jharkhand   and   Vidarbha.
          felt  too.  The  value-added   made the country the world’s   wanting to expand their cattle   Kuwait,   Saudi   Arabia,   of  this  year.    With  this,  the   The NDDB felicitated 19 milk
          dairy food segment is steadily   largest  producer  of  milk  and   base.  According  to  Patel,   Sri  Lanka,  Oman,  Africa,   company  will  reach  about  12   unions from across the country
          grabbing   the   consumer’s   milk products.   farmer  families,  however,  are   Vietnam,  China,  Cambodia   llpd  processing  capacity.  The   that  came  up  with  various
          basket.                   Even  as  distressed  youth   facing  difficulties  in  securing   and  Mauritius,  said  Minister   funding for the expansion will   innovations  like  round-the-
            New       technologies,   are  dumping  farming  and   loans from banks.   for  Dairy  Development  KT   be  through  a  combination  of   year pashu bazaar, milk-o-bike
          transporting   and   packing   turning  to  cities  in  search  for   The scheme is taking some   Rajenthrabhalaji.   internal  accruals  and  loans   and  calf  rearing  programme,
          techniques   are   making   remunerative  jobs,  GCMMF,   time  to  trickle  down  in  the   The step is expected to help   from financial institutions.   among others.
          the   way   in   the   dairy   with  support  from  the  State   banking  system.  Efforts  are   propagate  the  brand  name  of   The  30-year-old  company
          sector   faster.   Moreover,   government,  is  pushing  for   being made to make it smooth   Aavin at the global level.   twice  divested  26%  stake   NZ dairy firm Fonterra tie up
          government  initiatives  and   commercial  dairy   farming   for farmers to secure loans.   Since  the  launch  of  UHT   each time in 2006 and 2015 to   with Future Group
          policies  for  foreign  peers   among rural youth. A scheme   As   per   the   scheme,   milk  84,000  litres  of  milk   Godrej  Agrovet  which  now   Global   dairy   exports
          in  the  dairy  segment  are   floated by the State government   a  qualified  beneficiary  is   were  exported  to  Singapore.   holds  a  majority  52%  stake   firm  Fonterra  has  entered  the
          providing   a   plethora   of   being  implemented  by  the   entitled for State assistance of   Referring   to   procurement   and  is  also  willing  to  help  in   Indian  market  through  an
          investment   opportunities.   Amul  marketer  is  seen  as  an   up to Rs. 5.50 lakh on various   and  sale  of  milk  in  the  State,   the  expansion.  CDPL  with   equal  joint  venture  with  the
          The  combination  of  high   answer  to  receding  interest   components of dairy farming.   procurement rose to 30.67 lakh   over  100  collection  centres   Kishore   Biyani-led   Future
          demand  for  dairy  products,   of  youth  from  farming  and   GCMMF, the maker of the   litres per day (llpd) this year,   also  operates  its  own  dairy   Group.  The  New  Zealand-
          government’s positive outlook   animal husbandry.   Amul brand of ice creams is in   registering 15% growth.   parlours  across  major  cities.   based dairy major had earlier
          and  stellar  performance  of   As a consolidated incentive   talks  to  drive  more  premium   Aavin’s  revenue  through   Its brand `Jersey’ is among the   tied  up  with  Britannia.  The
          the  industry  in  production   package for cattle rearing, the   products   in   the   south.   sale  of  dairy  products  stood   market  leaders  in  milk,  curd,   new  partnership,  under  the
          and  consumption,  signals  the   “12-cattle scheme” provides an   Managing  Director  R  S  Sodhi   at  Rs.  5,281  crore  in  2016-17   buttermilk,  flavoured  milk,   name  Fonterra  Future  Dairy
          immense  growth  of  Indian   earning potential of Rs. 35,000-  said  the  plan  was  to  push   and  rose  to  Rs.  5,478  crore  in   paneer, ice creams and ghee.   Partners,  is  expected  to  help
          dairy sector in the future.   40,000  a  month  for  a  family.   more innovations in the south,   2017-18. A new dairy products   It  has  become  one  of  the   the  company  strengthen  its
                                 Announced  in  February  this   where local labels are strong.    manufacturing unit, at a cost of   first  private  dairy  companies   position  in  the  Indian  market
          Here  are  some  of  the  leading   year,  the  scheme  was  rolled   According  to  Sodhi,  the   Rs. 10 crore, will be established   to  launch  milkshakes.  The   that is dominated by national
          players,  who  are  involved   out  recently  with  a  deadline   cooperative,  which  is  the   in  Virudhunagar.  It  will  be   company’s  strategy  is  to   players  such  as  Amul  and
          in   taking   India’s   White   up  to  August  31  for  online   leader  in  the  Rs.  60-billion   equipped with machineries to   transform   itself   into   an   Mother  Dairy  along  with
          Revolution to greater heights.   application.  “We  are  getting   organized  ice  cream  market,   extract  butter,  produce  ghee,   integrated  player  in  the  Rs.  6   regional   and   local   dairy
                                 a  good  response.  Against  the   will  also  deploy  a  state-of-  packaging   and   preparing   lakh crore dairy Industry.   businesses.
          Amul - GCMMF           target  to  cover  5,000  families   the-art  ice  cream  technology   rasgulla,  palkova  and  cold   Godrej  Agrovet  is  the   Lukas   Paravicini,
            Amul,   the   company   initially,  we  have  received   (called  extruded  technology)   storage.   largest  player  in  animal  feed,   Fonterra’s  COO  -  Global
          that  was  formed  in  1946  by   about 50% applications so far,”   in the south.              and  is  increasing  its  presence   Consumer  and  Foodservice,
          Verghese  Kurien  is  a  brand   said RK Patel, Deputy Director        Ananda Dairy            in  cattle  genetics  and  milk   said,  “The  partnership  will
          managed  by  a  cooperative   (in-charge)  of  the  livestock   Aavin     Ananda,   a   leading   procurement   through   its   allow  us  to  prepare  the
          body, the Gujarat Co-operative   branch  of  the  Directorate  of   After successfully making   dairy  and  dairy  products   subsidiary CDPL.   groundwork  and  make  the
          Milk  Marketing  Federation   Animal Husbandry in Gujarat.   foray  into  the  Singapore   manufacturer  company,  has   The  company  plans  to   most  of  our  expertise  as  we
          Ltd  (GCMMF),  which  today   Those  applying  for  the   markets  with  the  Ultra  High   announced  the  launch  of  its   leverage  its  linkage  to  lakhs   enter  the  world’s  largest  and
          is jointly owned by 3.6 million   scheme include young farmers   Temperature  (UHT)  milk  last   of  farmers  through  its  cattle   fastest growing dairy industry.
                                                                                                         feed  and  related  services  in   Consumer  demand  for  dairy
                                                                                                         partnership  with  the  large   in  India  over  the  next  seven
                                                                                                         base  of  Creamline,  which  has   years  is  set  to  increase  by
                                                                                                         an installed capacity to process   82  billion  litres  —  seven
                                                                                                         over 10 lakh litres procurement   times  the  forecast  growth  for
                                                                                                         from  farmers  across  the  five   China.”
                                                                                                         southern states.           The  initial  stages  of  the
            Editor                            ADVERTISING SALES OFFICES                                     The  demand  for  milk   partnership  will  focus  on
            SYED JAFAR NAQVI                                                     new   awareness   campaign   products is rising at the rate of   product  development  and
                                                                                 to  educate  customers  about
            Hon. Consulting Editor            New Delhi: +91-11-29535848, 29535593  the  benefits  of  consuming   around 20% annually and the   marketing. The first consumer
            T.V. SATYANARAYANAN        packed  paneer  v/s  loose   opportunities  for  growth  are   products  will  be  launched
            VIJAY SARDANA                                                        paneer.  Conceptualized  as  an   huge.  The  Jersey  Thickshakes   by  the  middle  of  2019,  using
            Chief Co-ordinator                Mumbai:  9702903993                educative campaign, the brand   is being positioned as a healthy   both locally sourced milk and
                                                                                                                                 dairy  products  from  New
                                                                                                         beverage  alternative  for  kids
            M.B. NAQVI                                                           aims  to  highlight  the  purity   and teenagers, with 100% real   Zealand. Kishore Biyani, Chief
            Hon. Advisors                     Pune: 9881137397                   and quality offered by packed   milk  and  essential  nutrients,   Executive   Officer,   Future
                                                                                 paneer as compared to an easily
            Ms. RADHA SINGH (IAS)                   available  loose  paneer  and   proteins, calcium and vitamin   Group,  said,  “With  Fonterra,
            Dr. H P Singh                                                        to  enlighten  customers  with   A.             Future  Consumer  (consumer
            Mr. KISHAN BIR CHAUDHARY          Chennai: 9941130277                the must-know advantages of                     division) will enhance its food
            Mr. G. CHANDRASEKHAR            packed  paneer,  i.e.  produced   National Dairy Development   and  FMCG  portfolio  and  will
            Mr. PAWANEXH KOHLI                                                   by  fresh  milk,  manufactured   Board (NDDB)   offer a variety of dairy products
                                                                                                            Keeping in view the huge
            Production & Marketing Head                                          by  imported  machinery  and   scopes and advancement in the   which are high in demand and
                                                                                                                                 consumed daily.”
            SYED M KAUSAR                                                        has  no  human  contact  while   dairy industry, on the occasion
            Layout & Design                                                      packaging, hence, the product   of World Milk Day earlier this   Parag Milk Foods
                                                                                 is clean, soft and creamer.
            FAIYAZ AHMAD                                                            With   the   introduction   year  NDDB  felicitated  dairy   Founded  in  1992,  Parag
            Admn. & Marketing Office                                             of  this  campaign,  Ananda  is   cooperatives  for  innovation.   is  one  of  the  India’s  largest
                                                                                                         NDDB  Chairman  Dilip  Rath
            MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.                                                taking  a  focused  approach  in   highlighted   the   schemes   manufacturers  and  is  located
            J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,                                 creating  awareness  about  the   that  the  board  will  be  taking   in  the  milk  belts  at  Manchar,
            IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068                                         vital elements that a consumer   up  for  a  sustainable  model   Maharashtra  and  Palamner,
            Phone : +91-11-29535848, 29535593                                    needs  to  keep  in  mind  while   for  both  dairy  as  well  as   Andhra Pradesh in India.
            E-mail :                            purchasing a product such as   agriculture.  Union  Minister   The  company  also  has
                                                                                 paneer, which is a rich source
            Web. :                                                                     of  State  for  Panchayati  Raj,   its  own  dairy  farm  called
                                                                                 of protein.
                                                                                    Its  key  areas  of  operation   Agriculture   and   Farmers’   Bhagyalaxmi,  where  it  hosts
                                                                                                         Welfare  Parshottam  Rupala
                                                                                                                                 3,000  specially  bred  Holstein
            SUBSCRIPTION                                                         are northern Indian cities – in   felicitated  women  extension   Freisens  cows  and  equipped
            India : 1 Year : Rs. 500/-  by normal post       2 Years : Rs. 950/-  by normal post  Uttar  Pradesh,  Uttarakhand   officers and dairy cooperatives   with  one  of  India’s  first
                                                                                 and Delhi/NCR.
                        1 Year : Rs. 800/-  by courier                2 Years : Rs. 1550/-  by courier   from  across  the  country  for   Rotary  Parlours,  which  has
            Overseas :  US$ 120 / Euro 90 for 1 Year        US$ 230 / Euro 175  for 2 Years   Creamline   Dairy   (Godrej   innovation  at  the  National   mechanized the whole milking
            Single Copy Cost in India : Rs. 50/-                                 Agrovet)                Dairy  Development  Board   process  and  in  turn  ensured
            Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10                                   In   the   recent   past   (NDDB)  innovation  award   high quality and hygiene.
                                                                                                                                    Parag Milk Foods (PMFL)
            (Add 5% GST)                                                         Creamline  Dairy  has  firmed   ceremony in Anand. initiatives   collaborated  with  Swedish
                                                                                 up plans to invest Rs. 400 crore
                                                                                 to  set  up  three  new  plants   by  the  NDDB  focused  on   research   organization
            PAYMENT DETAILS                                                      over the next three years. The   improving   the   livelihood   ColoPlus  AB  to  launch  a
            All the payment by cheque / DD would be made in favour of Media Today Pvt. Ltd.   Hyderabad-headquartered   of   farmers   include   in-  colostrum-based   nutrition
            payable at New Delhi. Add Rs. 100/-  for outstation cheque.          company,  a  Rs.  1,200-crore   vitro   embryo   production   product  in  India.  Under  this
                                                                                 dairy  player,  will  set  up  the
                                                                                 plants  in  Karnataka,  Tamil
            Printed, Published and owned by Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi, printed at Sonu Printer,   Nadu   and   Maharashtra,
            B-82, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi  110020 and Published from A-44,   together adding around 2 lakh
            1  Floor, Freedom Fighter Enclave, Neb Sarai, New Delhi - 110068 (India).   litres  per  day  (llpd)  capacity.
            Editor : Syed Jafar Naqvi                                            At present it has nine operating
                                                                                 plants  in  the  five  southern
            Vol. 9...... Issue 5 ...... September 2018                           States.
                                                                                    Lately,     Creamline
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