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News                                                                                                 AgriTech indiA  September 2018       3

          prabhu reviews proposed industry,                                      Farmers still unaware of details of

          farm export policies                                                   pM Fasal Bima Yojana: Survey

                                 Export  Policy  and  Industrial   decades-old   existing   one,                                 why they have received or not
                                 Policy.  We  are  working  on   seeks to create jobs for the next                               received  claims  and  what  the
                                 new initiatives to take India’s   two decades, promote foreign                                  basis for the claim calculations
                                 export  to  the  next  level,”   technology transfer and attract                                is,” it noted.
                                 Prabhu said in a tweet.  $100-billion FDI annually.                                                According  to  the  survey,
                                    Both  policies  are  likely  to   As part of the exercise, the                               40.8   per   cent   gathered
                                 be  placed  before  the  Union   government  is  also  reviewing                                information   from   formal
                                 Cabinet for approval soon.  all  regulatory  policies  so  that                                 sources such as the agriculture
                                                         all  unnecessary  regulations                                           department;    insurance
                                 ‘Make in India’         could  be  done  away  with,                                            companies or customer service
                                                                                    armers  are  still  unaware
          Suresh Prabhu             It is proposed that the new   Prabhu recently said.  Fof  the  details  of  the   the sampled farmers are aware   centres and rest were informed
                                 Industrial Policy, being driven                 Pradhan  Mantri  Fasal  Bhima   about PMFBY,” Weather Risk   by  specific  channels  creating
                                                                                                         Management  Services  Pvt.
             ommerce  and  Industry   by the Department of Industrial   Doubling farm exports  Yojana  (PMFBY)  even  as  the   Ltd. (WRMS) said.  awareness.
                                                                                                                                    From  those  who  were
          CMinister  Suresh  Prabhu   Policy & Promotion, will aim at   Another  important  policy   government   and   insurers   Per  the  survey’s  findings,   aware of the scheme only 12.9
          reviewed  the  proposed  new   making India a manufacturing   proposal  reviewed  by  the   are  trying  to  increase  the   farmers  complain  that  the   per  cent  could  get  their  crop
          Industrial  Policy,  which  will   hub  by  promoting  ‘Make  in   Minister was the ‘Agri Export   penetration  in  the  non-loanee   process for enrolment as non-  insured  of  which  77  per  cent
          replace  the  existing  policy   India’.  It  will  also  suitably   Policy’,  aimed  at  doubling   segment,  said  climate  risk   loanee  farmers  is  difficult.   were linked to loan.
          of  1991,  and  the  agriculture   incorporate the use of modern   agricultural  exports  to  $60   management firm WRMS.  They  have  to  obtain  sowing   “41.3  per  cent  of  the
          export  policy,  with  senior   smart  technologies  such  as   billion  by  2022,  placing  India   However,  in  many  states,   certificates  and  land  records   farmers cited lack of necessary
          officials.             IOT,   artificial   intelligence   among  top  10  agriculture   high satisfaction has been seen   from   the   local   revenue   documents   as   the   major
            The    Minister   also   and  robotics  for  advanced   exporters  in  the  world  and   among  the  enrolled  farmers   department,  which  is  time   challenge  to  get  insurance
          discussed  export  promotion   manufacturing.   The   six   promoting  stability  in  export   and reasons for the same were   consuming.  and the other challenges were
          strategies  that  the  country   thematic   areas   include   rules.   proper   implementation   in   Further,  bank  branches   small  land  holdings  (21.4  per
          needs  to  adopt  to  improve   manufacturing;   MSME;   In   his   Independence   terms of assistance to farmers,   and  customer  service  centres   cent),  lack  of  assistance  from
          performance  of  the  export   technology  and  innovation;   Day  speech,  Prime  Minister   involvement  of  the  insurance   are  not  always  available  for   government  officials  (26  per
          sector, according to his tweet.  ease   of   doing   business;   Narendra  Modi  talked  about   company   and   the   high   enrolment  as  they  are  pre-  cent) and inefficiency of online
            “(I)  held  a  meeting  with   infrastructure,   investment,   the  new  agriculture  export   percentage of insured farmers   occupied with other works, it   systems  (17.3  per  cent),”  the
          the  Commerce  Secretary  and   trade & fiscal policy; and skills   policy  to  be  unveiled  soon   receiving payouts, it said.  showed.  WRMS said about the findings
          senior  officials  of  the  DGFT.   and  employability  for  the   to  boost  farm  income  as  the   The  PMFBY,  launched  in   “Farmers  are  not  told   of the survey.
          Discussed   various   export   future.         government  was  on  track  to   2016, is the most important tool
                                                                                 to  insure  agriculture  against
          promotion   strategies   and   The  new  policy,  which   achieve the target of doubling   climate and other risks.
          reviewed  the  upcoming  Agri   will  replace  the  almost  three-  farmers’ income by 2022.
                                                                                    The  scheme  which  is
                                                                                 an  improvement  over  the
          escorts will plough deeper                                             previous   agri   insurance
                                                                                 schemes  not  only  provides
                                                                                 subsidized  insurance  to  the
          into agri sector                                                       loanee farmers but also offers
                                                                                 it to non-loanee farmers.
                                                                                    “In  a  recent  survey  done
           Tractor-maker eyes crop solutions and overseas expansion              in eight states (Uttar Pradesh,
                                                                                 Gujarat,   Odisha,   Andhra
                                    Its   crop   solutions   Financial  Officer,  said  during   Pradesh,   Chhattisgarh,
                                 offer  farmers  a  bouquet  of   the  company’s  June  quarter   Nagaland,   Bihar   and
                                 technologies  and  equipment,   conference call.  Maharashtra) by BASIX, it was
                                 available  on  a  ‘pay-per-use’                 found that only 28.7 per cent of
                                 rent-based farming model that
                                 promises to improve the yield
                                 by 25-30 per cent.
                                    “Under the SHIP initiative,
                                 we  are  introducing  several
                                 implements  that  have  been
                                 developed   in   partnership
                                 with   various   leaders   in
                                 this  segment.  These  smart
                                 implements  ensure  that  our
                                 customers have access to high-
                                 end machines that make their
                                 daily  tasks  easier  and  faster,
          Nikhil Nanda, Chairman &   he said.
          Managing Director of Escorts
          Group                  3-pronged strategy
                                    The   Rs.   5,016-crore
                                 company  is  focused  on  a
            scorts   is   widening   three-pronged   strategy   to
          Eits   operations   in   the   grow  its  domestic  tractor
          agricultural   sector   –   by   market  share  that  includes
          exploring emerging businesses   plugging portfolio gaps in the
          and  beefing  up  the  export   regional  strongholds,  gaining
          footprint  —  to  de-risk  the   significance in weaker markets
          business  from  the  cyclical   and developing region-specific
          nature of the tractor industry.  solutions to enter opportunity
            The  company  is  looking   markets.
          to  grow  new  businesses  such   In  2017-18,  the  company
          as  complete  crop  solutions,   managed to increase its market
          engines  and  SHIP  (Sprayers,   share  in  three  categories.  Its
          Harvesters,  Implements  and   share  in  31-40  HP  tractor
          Planters) to mitigate the impact   segment grew to 14.5 per cent
          of core business’ cyclicality.  from 12.6 per cent in 2016-17.
                                 In  above-50  HP  category,  its
          Export growth          share grew to 7.9 per cent from
            It is also planning to enter   6.9 per cent.
          more  markets  for  stronger   Also in sub-30 HP segment,
          export  growth.  While  the   share moved northwards from
          company  owns  a  factory  in   2.1 per cent to 3.5 per cent. But
          Poland,  it  exports  tractors   in 41-50 HP range, its share fell
          from  India  to  Latin  America,   to 10.4 per cent from 11.7 per
          Africa, Europe, the US and the   cent.
          SAARC countries.
            “We    have   steadily   Gaining market share
          expanded   our   geographic   During  the  first  quarter
          footprint,    registering   of this fiscal too, the company
          robust  growth  in  overall   gained market share across all
          exports.  We  are  identifying   major states.
          opportunities  beyond  the  62   “Our  market  share  in
          countries  we  operate  in.  We   the  main  market  (North  and
          are  devising  sharper  export   Central  India)  is  up  by  200
          strategies,  bearing  in  mind   basis points and in opportunity
          the  requirements  of  different   market  (South  and  West),
          markets in terms of technology   it  went  up  90  basis  points,
          demands  and  consumption   resulting  in  overall  domestic
          patterns,”   Nikhil   Nanda,   market  share  at  10.7  per  cent
          Chairman   &   Managing   as  against  9.7  per  cent  in
          Director of Escorts Group, said   previous fiscal same quarter,”
          in the company’s latest annual   Bharat  Madan,  Group  Chief
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