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Monthly                                                                                            Vol. 9  Issue 5    September 2018     ` 50/-

          IndIan daIry Industry                                                  foodgrain output to touch new record

          Quest to Grab a share of                                               of 284.83 mn tonnes in 2017-18
          Consumers’ Basket
                                                                                                                                 million tonnes to record 99.70
          – S. Jafar Naqvi, Chief Editor, Media Today Group                                                                      million tonnes for the 2017-18
                                                                                                                                 crop  year  from  its  previous
                                 with  a  focus  on  value-added   Development  (NPDD)  and                                      projection.  In  2016-17,  wheat
                                 products  are  set  to  do  well   the  Dairy  Entrepreneurship                                 output  stood  at  98.51  million
                                 but  those  with  focus  on  bulk   Development Scheme (DEDS).                                  tonnes.
                                 liquid milk sale would remain   The Indian dairy industry                                          Similarly,  rice  output  for
                                 laggards due to oversupply of   has  been  demonstrating  a                                     2017-18  has  been  upped  by
                                 liquid  milk  as  a  commodity,   stable  growth  by  projecting                                1.39  million  tonnes  to  record
                                 says the study.         opportunities  for  investments                                         112.91 million tonnes from its
                                                         both  in  infrastructure  and   ndia’s foodgrain production   pulses.   previous estimate, higher than
                                 Focus on Value Addition  technology   up-gradation.  Iis  estimated  to  grow  to  an   In  its  fourth  advance   109.70 million tonnes achieved
                                    The  key  to  success  in  the   Growing   awareness   and   all-time high of 284.83 million   estimate  released  today,  the   in 2016-17.
                                 dairy  industry  in  India  has   demand  of  newer  packaging   tonnes  in  the  2017-18  crop   ministry  revised  upward  the   Production   of   coarse
                                 been  largely  based  on  the   solutions   with   increased   year  ending  June,  driven  by   total foodgrain production by   cereals  has  been  revised
                                 capacity of the players to grab   consumer  utility  are  also   record  output  in  wheat,  rice,   5.3  million  tonnes  from  the   upward by 2.12 million tonnes
            ndia is the world’s largest   a share of consumers’ monthly   creating  further  opportunities   coarse cereals and pulses after   previous  projection  of  279.51   to record 46.99 million tonnes
            producer  of  milk,  as  also   basket.  Consequently,  each   for investors.  a normal monsoon, according   million tonnes for the 2017-18   from  its  previous  projection
          Ione of the largest consumers   player focuses on providing a          to the Agriculture Ministry.  crop year.        made for 2017-18 and is higher
          of  milk  and  milk  products   gamut of products across price   Scope for competition    Wheat  output  has  been   “As a result of near normal   than  43.77  million  tonnes
          and  this  sector  is  all  set  for   ranges enabling the availability   The  dairy  sector  in  India   pegged at record 99.70 million   rainfall  during  monsoon  2017   during 2016-17.
          accelerated   growth.   After   of many dairy products for the   holds   an   incomparable   tonnes, rice at Rs 112.91 million   and  various  policy  initiatives
          the  ushering  in  of  the  White   consumers.   space  in  the  country,  though   tonnes  and  pulses  at  25.23   taken by the government, the   Pulses
          Revolution,  thanks  to  efforts   The   organized   dairy   there  are  a  few  bottlenecks   million tonnes for the 2017-18   country  has  witnessed  record   Pulses  production  during
          of  policy  makers,  researchers,   sector is convinced that value-  yet  to  overcome.  Masses  of   crop year, it said.  foodgrain production in 2017-  2017-18 is estimated at record
          leaders  of  cooperatives  and   added  products  constitute   unorganized  players  shifting   The   previous   record   18,”  the  ministry  said  in  a   25.23  million  tonnes,  revised
          progressive  farmers,  among   its  highest  profit  margin   towards  the  organized  sector   foodgrain  output  was  275.11   statement.  upward by 0.72 million tonnes.
          others,    the  ever-increasing   business  segment.  This  calls   are set to increase the scope of   million  tonnes  achieved  in   The output is higher than the
          demand  for  milk  and    value   for  high-end  infrastructure   competition in the dairy space   the  2016-17  crop  year.  The   Wheat  previous year’s output of 23.13
          added   products   have   for  manufacture,  storage  and   along  with  the  opportunity   foodgrain basket comprises of   Wheat  production  has   million tonnes.
          facilitated entry of companies   logistics,  facilitating  much   ...Continued on P4  rice, wheat, coarse cereals and   been  revised  upward  by  1.06   ...Continued on P5
          in the organized sector, fueling   scope  in  terms  of  investment
          further  growth.    India’s  milk   and innovation.
          production  is  estimated  at   With  steady  growth  in
          165.5 mt in 2017-18, an increase   milk sales, it is estimated that
          of 3.8% from the previous year   the sector should see revenue
          the  demand  for  technology   of Rs. 7,500 billion by 2020-21,
          in  production,  modernized   as  against  Rs.  5,700  billion  in
          infrastructure & transportation   2017-18.
          (distribution)  and  marketing
          has  been  continuously  rising   Government Initiatives
          and  creating  more  and  more   The   government   has
          opportunities  for  the  dairy   been  creating  strategies  for
          industry in India.     additional  milk  processing
            The dairy sector in India is   infrastructure  to  double  the
          likely to see an investment of   income  of  dairy  farmers  by
          Rs.130-140  billion  in  the  next   2022. Various initiatives taken
          three years, says a study.  To   by the government to promote
          strengthen  the  procurement   the  dairy  industry  includes
          and processing infrastructure,   feed and fodder management,
          players in the organized sector   milk  procurement,  etc.  The
          have invested large amounts in   government   is   actively
          the past three years.  A CRISIL   participating in the investment
          study  said  the  Indian  dairy   space by the means of various
          industry  would  see  CAGR   schemes  such  as  National
          of  14-15%  annually  for  the   Dairy  Plan  Phase  I  (NDP  I),
          next  three  years.    Companies   National Programme for Dairy

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