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6   AgriTech indiA  June 2018                                                                                                        News

          ...Continued from page 1                                               agri-machines & equipment   of many divisions in India.   Machinery Industry
          Display of farm machinery,                                             and much more in the    AgriTech India 2017 drew   Association (FPPMIA) and
          Greenhouse, hyDroponics.....                                           Agriculture & Forestry,   several participants across   APEDA.
                                                                                                         the globe. AgriTech India,
                                                                                 Chemicals & Dyes, Plant,
                                                                                                                                    AgriTech India series
                                                                                 Machinery & Equipment   offered an impressive show of   helps in promoting Prime
          Karnataka), Ministry of   coupled with growing income   Segment        industries.             farm machinery, greenhouse   Minister’s agenda of “Make
          Chemicals & Fertilizers,   will generate increased   The popular expo     FloraTech India: The   technology, harvesting and   in India” through foreign
          National Seed Association   demand for food grains and   will be showcasing tools   5  FloraTech India 2018   storage technologies, as well   investments and through
          of India, Federation of   non-food grain crops.   and technologies and will   will display products like   as farm inputs. This multi-  innovations and efforts within
          Karnataka Chambers of                          organize parallel segment   Agricultural Machinery &   show attracted over 35000   the country. Furthermore,
          Commerce and Industry,   Initiatives by Govt. of India  simultaneously.   Equipments, Fertilizers/   visitors and more than 500   it also helps in exploring
          Indian Flowers & Ornamental   In recent years much                     Bio-manure/ Liquid      exhibitors from all parts of   possibilities of joint-ventures
          Plants Welfare Association   emphasis has been given by   AgriBusiness Excellence   Fertilizers Manufacturers,   India and over 30 countries.  with foreign companies.
          and Government of      the Ministry of Agriculture   Awards            Agriculture Seeds          Many foreign exhibitors   Media Today Group
          Karnataka.             and Farmers’ Welfare on    AgriTech India will have   Manufacturers/ Exporters,   including Bangladesh, South   connects visitors with so
                                 commercializing Indian   the 2  edition of AgriBusiness   Agro Chemicals/ Pesticides/   Africa, Switzerland, UAE,   many global leaders to
          India’s Agriculture Scenario  agriculture. These include   Excellence Awards. The   Insecticides Manufacturers   Korea etc. established many   technologies under a single
            Agriculture, with its allied   focus on potential areas,   ceremony is a token gesture   Biotechnology/ Tissue culture   start-ups. Many leading   roof.
          sectors, is unquestionably the   regionally-differentiated   of gratitude to professionals   Laboratories, Irrigation   Brands like Big Basket, ITC,   AGRITECH INDIA 2018
          largest livelihood provider   strategies, crop diversification,   who transformed the essence   & Water Management,   Swiggy, Franchise Connect,   will be an eye opener for
          in India. It also contributes a   precision farming and   of Indian food industry   Greenhouses & Equipment   UNIBIC, Britannia and a lot   the growers, wholesalers,
          significant figure to the Gross   scientific management of   and made a mark in the   Suppliers, Bar code/Ink   more visited AgriTech India   importers, exporters and all
          Domestic Product (GDP).   natural resources. The new   Global market. Though a   Coding Technology, Grading   with great eagerness.   other stakeholders of every
          Sustainable agriculture,   initiatives in the form of   new addition to the series, it   & Sorting Machinery,   The show offers immense   segment of Agriculture and
          in terms of food security,   National Food Security   garnered huge response from   Wrapping, Sealing &   opportunities, valuable   Farm Machinery, Equipment
          rural employment and   Mission and Rashtriya Krishi   the industry.    Lamination Equipment    B2B business meetings,   and allied sectors who want
          environmentally sustainable   Vikas Yojana launched by the             and many more in the    knowledge exchange, and   to expand and diversify their
          technologies such as soil   Ministry of Agriculture are   Concurrent Events  Horticulture & Floriculture   global exposure to the   business and activities.
          conservation, natural resource   aimed at rejuvenating this   Adding more values to   industry. The event will   initiates, networking for the   The consecutive
          management and biodiversity   sector.          AgriTech India, concurrently,   offer a comprehensive range   stakeholders, and lot more.   success of the event has
          protection are essential for   Adequate production   Media Today Group is also   from plants, trees, palms   Notable exhibitors   encouraged looking forward
          holistic rural development.   and distribution of food has   organizing 3  India Crop Care   and greenhouse & landscape   includes Buhler (India) Pvt.   to the concurrent events – 5
            Indian agriculture has   become a global concern.   & Fertilizer show (ICCF 2018)   equipment to floristry and   Ltd., Hilda Automation,   FloraTech India 2018 and 3
          witnessed a green revolution.   In a globalized economy,   and 5  FloraTech India 2018 to   garden features covering   Husqvarna (Platinum   India CropCare & Fertilizer
          For most of the 21  century   there is need to exploit the   ensure better business for all.  the entire chain in the   Sponsor), Sonalika, Mahindra   Show (ICCF) 2018 to ensure
          India is expected to remain   available resources to the   India Crop Care &   horticultural and floriculture   & Mahindra, DHAN   better business opportunities
          an agricultural society.   maximum level and use the   Fertilizer show (ICCF): This   industry.  Foundation, Essen Multipack   for agriculture to grow.
          The agricultural growth is   best internationally available   event will showcase products     Limited, S.B. Inter Co. Ltd.,
          improving rural incomes   technologies. This will help in   like Chemical pesticides,   Participation  along with organizations like   For more details: http://
          and securing India’s food   coping with domestic demand   chemical fertilizer, crop   The participation of   Department of Agriculture
          and nutritional needs. The   for food and also contribute to   protection, agrochemical &   foreign companies has been of   (Govt. of Karnataka), Food
          increasing population,   international exports.  bio-engineering technology,   assistance in the up gradation   Processing and Packaging
                                                                                                         How cotton is
                                                                                                         comforting Cauvery

                                                                                                         delta farmers

                                                                                                            he  dry  spell  in  recent   up  in  certain  areas,  a  shift  in
                                                                                                         Tyears in the Cauvery Delta   mindset  is  needed.  Last  year,
                                                                                                         districts  has  brought  to  the   in 2016-17 the cotton coverage
                                                                                                         fore  the  need  for  diversifying   in  Tiruvarur  district  had
                                                                                                         crop variety in the traditional   increased  to  about  6,900  ha
                                                                                                         paddy growing areas.    up from about 4,000 ha in the
                                                                                                            Cotton  has  emerged  a   previous  year  which  is  about
                                                                                                         possible  option  in  some  of   normal for the district.
                                                                                                         the  districts  during  the  dry   In  the  current  year,  the
                                                                                                         season.                 estimated coverage is 4,200 ha
                                                                                                            In the Delta districts, cotton   and is coming up for harvest by
                                                                                                         is  harvested  in  June-August   June-end.  It  is  above  average
                                                                                                         as  a  summer  crop.  This  is  in   for the district.
                                                                                                         contrast with traditional cotton   In  Thanjavur  district,  the
                                                                                                         growing areas in western parts   core  paddy  growing  area,  in
                                                                                                         of Tamil Nadu where it is sown   2016-17  the  area  was  down
                                                                                                         in  July-August  and  harvested   to  about  637  ha  due  to  peak
                                                                                                         during the year end in winter.  drought  and  this  year  it  is
                                                                                                            According   to   VKV   estimated  at  1,100  ha.  This  is
                                                                                                         Ravichandran, a leading farmer   a 10-15 per cent increase over
                                                                                                         in  Nannilam  in  Thiruvarur   traditional  coverage  of  about
                                                                                                         district,  and  a  Director  in  the   1,000 acres.
                                                                                                         Iowa-based  Global  Farmers   Officials  agreed  there  is
                                                                                                         Network, farmers have shown   a  potential  to  expand  cotton
                                                                                                         a  keen  in  the  cash  crop  in   during a dry spell early in the
                                                                                                         recent  years  due  to  multiple   year.
                                                                                                         reasons.                   Ravichandran,  who  has
                                                                                                            Apart  from  the  dry  spell   put  together  farmers  groups
                                                                                                         which  hit  paddy,  he  pointed   in  the  area  in  earlier  seasons
                                                                                                         out  pulses  are  also  not   to  scale  up  cotton  produce
                                                                                                         remunerative  and  is  ruling   for  marketing,  said  farmers
                                                                                                         below support prices. Farmers   groups  in  the  area  had
                                                                                                         generally  go  for  a  pulse  crop   benefitted  by  coordinating on
                                                                                                         after summer paddy.     cotton cropping practices and
                                                                                                            But, cotton prices at about   choice  of  variety.  They  were
                                                                                                         Rs.  50-60  a  kg  as  compared   able to sell directly to ginning
                                                                                                         with  Rs.  40  in  the  previous   mills. The mills too were keen
                                                                                                         year.                   on purchasing directly as they
                                                                                                            According   to   official   get uniform quality of cotton.
                                                                                                         sources, while cotton areas are
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