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          the sugarcane bio-refinery                                                If Industry is not keen   hardships.         wait for the crisis to happen,
          but low in value. Further                                                 to contribute, the taxes   But the political wisdom   the solution will follow. So,
          processing and value-added                                                on sugarcane-based   says, don’t address any   in whichever sector you want
          products are the way out.                                                 industries can be used   problem in advance; there will   reforms in India, please create
            Sugar can also be                                                       to recover the cost of   not be any political mileage   crisis first. If you want early
          converted into valuable                                                   research, if required.  because voters will not   action, create crisis early. We
          chemicals such as poly                                                                         remember your contribution.   are a reactive society, not
          (3-hydroxybutyric acid) (PHB)                                             There can be many small   So, let the crisis aggravate and   proactive society.
          by fermentation. Integrated                                            and big suggestions, all can be   let there be crisis all over, let   I am not joking; see
          production of PHB, sugar,                                              considered before coming-out   everyone face the heat and   the history of last 70 years,
          ethanol, and energy can                                                with final policy but please do   then address the problem and   including last 4 years.
          improve the viability of the                                           it in a time-bound manner.   take the credit for solving the   Nothing has changed.
          processing operations.                                                    Everything else can wait,   problem and blame others   Source: https://sardanavijay.
            Bagasse, the                                                         but not season or time, nor   for causing it. That is why in
          lignocellulosic by-product                                             the agriculture/ farmers’   Indian democracy system, you   sector-how-to-ruin-gold.html
          from sugar extraction, is
          usually burned to generate
          steam and electricity. In
          an integrated sugarcane                                                Nipah hits Kerala’s fruit and
          bio-refinery, bagasse can be
          treated to release more sugars                                         vegetable exports to Gulf
          that can be further converted
          to fuels and chemicals to
          generate more values.                                                                                                  where  the  virus  has  not  been
            Also, an integrated                                                                                                  detected.
          first- and second-generation
          ethanol production plant
          would have better economic                                                                                             Talking to Centre
          returns compared with the                                                                                                 “We  are  keeping  our
          stand-alone plant.                                                                                                     fingers  crossed  as  the  export
                                                                                                                                 ban  started  impacting  our
          The way forward for                            application of technology and                                           business.  The  Kerala  Chief
          sugarcane sector       is used in political activities   asking PSUs to take-stake in                                  Minister has given assurance to
            Eat less sugar is the health   outside the tax system and                                                            make  a  strong  representation
          theme nowadays: The Political   outside any accountability   ethanol manufacturer and                                  to  the  Union  Ministries  of
          class and policymakers must   and transparency. So,   supplier to PSUs and have                                        Agriculture   and   External
                                                         seat on the board’s audit
          appreciate that every year this   whenever you hear from any                                                           Affairs  for  taking  steps  to  lift
          sector will go through crisis   policymaker saying we care   committee or as the observer.                             the ban”, Ali said.
          because all medical doctors   for farmers, this is nothing   Researchers must develop                                     According   to   Baby
          are advising consumers to   but a joke of that day. Ask                   he Nipah virus outbreak in   going to impact fruit exporters   John,  Executive  Director  of
          reduce sugar intake.   them what they are doing to   technologies for national   TKerala has taken its toll on   in a big way as Holy Ramadan   Vazhakkulam   Pineapple
            Sugar Act and Essential   bring marketing reforms and                export of fruits and vegetables   in Gulf countries is on where   Growers   and   Processors,
                                                            Ask all Research
          Commodity Act needs relook:   by when. If there is no clear   agencies using tax-payers   from the State with shipments   fruits  are  an  essential  item   pineapple exports to the Gulf
          Are we still confused whether   deadline, this clearly indicates   money to develop following   from all three airports coming   for  iftar,”  said  C.  Manoj  of   have  come  to  a  standstill.
          India is a sugar surplus or   they are not keen, beyond lip            to a halt.              BVM  Fruits,  Kondotty,  near   Kerala exports 8-10 tonnes on a
          sugar deficit country? Why   service.          technologies in the shortest   Kerala   ships   around   Kozhikode   who   exports   daily basis, garnering revenue
                                                         possible time. They should
          have we laws which are not   Enforce Mandatory ethanol                 150  tonnes  of  perishable   bananas,   mangoes   and   of Rs. 3 lakh/day.
          addressing the reality and   blends up to 20% in automotive   be rewarded for technology   commodities  like  vegetables   pineapple  through  Karippur   As the threat of Nipah virus
          hurting the investment? This   fuel: Indians largest import            and  fruits  on  a  daily  basis  to   airport.  started receding with all clinical
          will open new application of   is fuel oil. Why are we keen            Gulf countries and to Europe.   P E Ashraf Ali of Pomona   tests  turning  negative,  Kerala
          sugarcane as biomass. Are we   to send money out in place   Proposed timeline:  Of   this,   shipments   from   Exports,   Kozhikode   said   Fruits  Merchants  Association,
                                                            Provided there is “the
          saying policymakers are not   of paying to farmers, those
          in touch with reality?  who can supply sugarcane   political will” at the highest   Cochin  International  Airport   that  all  Gulf  countries  except   which  is  responsible  for  the
                                                         level to address the sugarcane
            Should there be any link   for ethanol production? It                alone   constitute   around   Saudi  Arabia  had  embargoed   sale of fruits within the State,
          between raw material and   seems someone is benefiting   crisis forever (if policymakers   100  tonnes.  However,  the   perishable  cargo  from  Kerala   said  that  the  market  was  on
          finished goods consumption and   from the imports of petroleum   need help, I am available to   detection  of  Nipah  virus  and   since  the  virus  outbreak  a   a  revival  mode.  PVHamza,
                                                         help in the decision-making
          prices: Let policymakers ask   products within India and do            its subsequent panic following   fortnight  ago. Now  Saudi too   President  of  the  Association
          any economist and technocrat,   not want India to improve   process within the timelines   a  misinformation  campaign   has followed suit by stopping   told that there was an impact
                                                         proposed) -
          if there is any confusion. If   ethanol production.  Our   1.  The decision to blend   on  social  media  forced  many   entry of all fresh vegetable and   on  the  market  for  10-15  days
          yes, the government should   leaders also surrender to                 Gulf   destinations   to   put   fruits  from  Kerala.  However,   after  the  outbreak  of  the
          also fix minimum release price   this pressure and not taking   ethanol in automobiles   import  restrictions  on  the   exports to European countries   disease; resulting a 50 per cent
                                                            fuel can be taken in 07
          for the sugar in the market.   the clear stand on ethanol              consignments from Kerala till   are unaffected.  drop in business especially for
          What does this indicate?   blending. It is important   days after considering all   further notice.  He  pointed  out  that  a   small  vendors.  Fruit  business
                                                            ifs and buts.
          Do we have sensible policy   to ask this question: Who   2.  Revision of Sugar Act,            majority  of  such  cargo  are   in Kerala is around 600 tonnes
          planners to run this large   is this influential agency                Bad timing              sourced  from  neighbouring   per day, about Rs. 2,000 crore.
          economy? Should they not be   more powerful than Prime   Essential Commodity Act   “The  timing  of  the  ban  is   Karnataka  and  Tamil  Nadu
                                                            and other related Acts
          made accountable for ruining   Minister of India or Cabinet
          the national economy?  of India? In days of shortage   affecting sugar sector can
                                                            be done in 30 days, after
            India is part of WTO   of sugarcane, this order can
          advocating benefits of the free   be temporarily revised. All   considering all ifs and
          market system but not keen   Oil Marketing companies are   buts. This can be done
                                                            through ordinance also to
          to have marketing reforms   PSUs; they can always extend
                                                            convey political will.
          within the country: Indian   the support for blending  3.  APMC and all other laws
          policymakers are supporting   Challenge: The only   hurting investment in
          cartelization in every aspect   problem I can see is from
          of agriculture and food   Finance Ministry -- it may not   sugar bio-refinery can be
                                                            done in next 3 months.
          economy. All laws and   be keen because they may lose
          policies are designed to   excise duty. Pennywise and   4.  All R&D centres must
                                                            be given the task to bid
          restrict free trader and fair   pound foolish approach exist   for research grants, so
          competition. These restrictions   -- willing to pay subsidies
          create inefficiencies and   and willing to write-off debts   that best brains can come
                                                            forward, to deliver on
          promote rent-seeking   but can’t help businesses
          mindset at all levels. This   to perform. Pilferage can   research agenda for new
                                                            products from sugarcane.
          rent collected from all sides   be controlled by better
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          Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan undertakes
          various activities to promote....
          best  practices  and  enhance   •  Making  100  NADAP  Pits   place  so  as  to  familiarize
          agriculture  income  are  being   in each village  farmers   with   the   latest
          undertaken  under  this  plan   •  Artificial   insemination   techniques  and  how  they  can
          such as: -                saturation           be  incorporated  at  the  grass
          •  Distribution of Soil Health   •  D e m o n s t r a t i o n   root level.
            Cards to all farmers    programmes  on  Micro-   Training  programmes  are
          •  100%  coverage  of  bovine   irrigation     being  conducted  in  each  of
            vaccination  for  Foot  and   •  Demonstrations   of   the  villages  by  ICAR/KVSs
            Mouth  Disease  (FMD)  in   integrated   cropping   for  Bee  Keeping,  Mushroom
            each village            practice             cultivation   and   Kitchen
          •  100%  coverage  of  Sheep                   garden.  Women  participants
            and Goat for eradication of    D e m o n s t r a t i o n   and  farmers  will  be  given
            Peste  des Petits ruminants   programmes   on   Micro   preference  for  the  training
            (PPR )               Irrigation   and   Integrated   program.
          •  Distribution  of  Mini  Kits   Cropping  Practice  will  take
            of  pulses  and  oilseeds  to
          •  Distribution     of             For Advertisements in
            H o r t i c u l t u r e / A g r o
            Forestry/Bamboo   plant   AGRITECH INDIA Newspaper
            @  5  per  family  (location
            appropriate)               Please contact: 011-29535593, 29535872
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