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4   AgriTech indiA  June 2018                                                                                                        News

          A Steam Solution for Cultivation                                                               Indian Sugarcane Sector - How to

          of Strawberries in Raised Rows                                                                 Ruin a Gold Mine?

          covered with Plastic Films is Ready                                                            Lessons and the
          for Use                                                                                        Way Forward

                                                                                                         – Vijay Sardana
           n  strawberry  cultivation,
          Isoil  nematodes,  soil-borne
          fungus,  and  weeds  must  be                                               his is a classic case of
          combated. This often presents                                               how bad politics can
          a  problem,  not  least  of  all                                       Truin a gold mine and
          because of a lack of — or a lack                                       create a crisis for all and the
          of approved — pesticides. Soil                                         worst part is that no political
          steaming offers an appropriate                                         leader has guts to change
          solution for this issue.                                               the bad policies hurting all.
            The  company  MSD  —                                                 Unfortunately, those who
          Möschle, Seifert Dämpftechnik                                          suffer the most are also not
          —  from  Durbach,  Germany,                                            keen to learn the new ways of
          has developed a revolutionary                                          working.
          technology  for  the  cultivation                                         The way our stakeholders
          of strawberries in raised rows.                                        are working sends a bad
          In  this  process,  steaming  is                                       message that they are not
          conducted  as  the  last  step                                         keen on change. Government
          before planting.       the  plastic  film  on  the  rows.   results  from  the  laboratory  at   is not willing to accept that
            For  raised  rows  with   No  heat  adhesions  could  be   the  Agricultural  Technology   there is a serious policy
          typical  dimensions  and  a   detected;  the  same  is  true  of   Center   in   Augustenberg   flaw in our system driven
                                                                                 by political considerations.
          double  row  of  strawberries,   the  areas  where  the  steam   show  that  steaming  through   Sugar Industry is not keen
          3-meter-long steam hoods are   hood  came  in  contact  with   only  the  planting  holes  is   to do any work on new
          used for each raised row with   the  plastic  foil.  Sufficient   sufficient  to  completely  kill   products even in good time
          a plant spacing grid of 30 x 30   heat  flow  in  the  raised  row   off  all  pests.  After  steaming   and in bad times waiting for
          cm. The steam hoods are fitted   was  found.  As  expected,  the   the  affected  soil,  no  living   bailout packages in the name
          with  spikes  approximately  30   highest  temperatures  of  over   verticillium  fungus  could  be   of farmers. Farmers are not
          cm  in  length  which  route  the   90°C were found in the areas   verifiably  documented.  The   keen to change because they
          steam  directly  into  the  raised   immediately   surrounding   temperatures   which   were   are fully aware and confident
          row covered with plastic film.  the  steam  spikes’  points  of   reached — between 70 – 80°C   that political class will come
            An MS 200 steam generator   penetration.  On  the  outer   — killed it off entirely.  for votes and will offer bailout
          from  the  company  MSD,   surface  of  the  raised  row,   This proved that sufficient   package. These shortsighted
          Durbach  is  used  to  produce   temperatures  of  at  least  75°C   steam  distribution  —  and,   approaches of all have ruined
          the  steam.  It  has  a  maximum   could  still  be  found.  These   consequently,   temperature   the national economy at many   substantially. This needs
          steam  output  of  250  kg/h   temperatures  are  definitely   distribution — for the desired   levels and we all are in to this   out-of-box thinking and many   countries?
                                                                                                                                    In 2004, the US
          with an operating pressure of   sufficient  to  eliminate  soil   hygienization can be achieved   crime with no exception.  existing laws and industries   Department of Energy (DOE)
          0.5  bar  and  a  steam  emission   nematodes, soil-borne fungus,   with a 30 cm steam spike grid   may need restructuring.   addressed these challenges by
          temperature of 200°C.  and weeds. It is assumed that   on a ready-to-plant bed that is   Defective Diagnosis of the   From mindset point of view   describing a selection process
            The  results  of  this  test   soil  fatigue  can  likely  also  be   covered with mulch film.  Problem:  - we must move away from   for chemical products that
          showed  that  the  spikes  and   eliminated.      The  experiments  were   The national resource is   the commodity mindset to   combined identification of a
          the hot steam did not damage   Initial  mycological  test   conducted   in   cooperation   sugarcane, not the sugar. So   product mindset.  small group of compounds
                                                         with  the  agricultural  office  of   focus on sugarcane, not on   A bio-refinery based on   derived from bio-refinery
                                                                                 sugar. Sugar is the output or
                      For Advertisements in              Bruchsal.               outcome of the processing   sugarcane (Saccharum spp.)   carbohydrates (read
                                                            Steaming  hood  weighed
               AGRITECH INDIA Newspaper                  down    on   film-covered   of sugarcane. If we address   as feedstock is an example   sugarcane included) with
                                                                                                         because it can integrate into
                                                                                                                                 the research and technology
                 Please contact: 011-29535593, 29535872  experimental raised row.  the sugarcane as the resource   the same physical space   needs required for their
                                                                                 we can have the answer to
                                                                                 the problem. Sugar sector is   what crude oil is used for   production.
                                                                                                         -- processes for obtaining
                                                                                 just one product which can                         There considerable
                                                                                 be produced from sugarcane.   bio-fuels (ethanol), chemicals   progress has been made in
                                                                                                         (from sugars or ethanol),
                                                                                 More profitable and lucrative   electricity, and heat.  the use of carbohydrates
                                                                                 business models exist but                       as starting materials for
                                                                                                            The use of sugarcane
                                                                                 policymakers and investors   as the feedstock for bio-  chemical production.
                                                                                 are not keen to explore them   refineries is dictated by its   The list is developed
                                                                                                                                 and a dynamic guide to
            Editor                            ADVERTISING SALES OFFICES          because these will shake-up   potential to supply sugars,   technology development that
            SYED JAFAR NAQVI                                                     their existing short-cut ways   ethanol, natural polymers   could realize commercial
            Hon. Consulting Editor            New Delhi: +91-11-29535848, 29535593  of operating for profit and   or macromolecules, organic   success through the proper
                                                                                 vote banks.
            T.V. SATYANARAYANAN           Most business leaders are   matter, and other compounds   integration of bio-fuels with
            VIJAY SARDANA                                                        operating with the outdated   and materials.    bio-based products was
                                                                                                            By means of conversion
            Chief Co-ordinator                Mumbai:  9702903993                concept and approaches --   processes (chemical,   released.
            M.B. NAQVI                                                           many are still in commodity   biochemical and thermo-  Consider Sugarcane as
                                                                                 trader mindset -- they what to
            Hon. Advisors                     Pune: 9881137397                   earn but don’t want to invest   chemical), sugarcane biomass   biomass and change the laws:
            Ms. RADHA SINGH (IAS)                   and upgrade to compete.   can be transformed into   The cost of ethanol
            Dr. H P Singh                                                        This needs to be addressed   high-value bio-products to   production from sugarcane
            Mr. KISHAN BIR CHAUDHARY          Chennai: 9941130277                by bankers and credit rating   replace petrochemicals, as a   is US $30−35 per barrel of oil
            Mr. G. CHANDRASEKHAR            agencies.               bio-economy model.      equivalent, much lower than
                                                                                                                                 the cost of US $50−55 per
            Mr. PAWANExH KOHLI                                                      Do we have technologies   Value Addition is the only   barrel based on corn.
            Production & Marketing Head                                          ready to commercialize   option to recover the cost, the   Sugarcane contains
                                                                                 from IITs, CSIR and ICAR
            SYED M KAUSAR                                                        laboratories working on these   profit, and the taxes:  about 70−75% water, 11−16%
                                                                                                            A bio-refinery that
            Layout & Design                                                      products? When we know   supplements its manufacture   sucrose, and 10−16% fibre.
            FAIYAZ AHMAD                                                         sugarcane is major biomass   of low-value bio-fuels   Sugarcane processing begins
                                                                                                                                 with the extraction of cane
                                                                                 in India, why were no efforts
            Admn. & Marketing Office                                             made to develop world-class   with high-value bio-based   juice by mill tandems, leaving
            MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.                                                production technologies for   chemicals can enable efforts   behind bagasse, the fibrous
            J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,                                 value-added products in   to reduce nonrenewable   material that is sent to the
                                                                                                         fuel consumption while
            IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068                                         India?                  simultaneously providing the   lignocellulosic processing to
                                                                                                                                 produce ethanol or chemicals
            Phone : +91-11-29535848, 29535593                                       Major countries are not   necessary financial incentive   or sent to the boiler house to
            E-mail :                            keen to share technologies   to stimulate the expansion   generate electricity or steam.
            Web. :                                             with India to make India   of the bio-refining industry.   Most of the sugar
                                                                                 their competitor. Who are   However, the choice of
                                                                                 the decision makers of                          juice is used to produce
            SUBSCRIPTION                                                         research projects of these   appropriate products for   sugar by purification and
            India : 1 Year : Rs. 500/-  by normal post       2 Years : Rs. 950/-  by normal post  institutions? They should be   addition to the bio-refinery’s   crystallization. The molasses
                        1 Year : Rs. 800/-  by courier                2 Years : Rs. 1550/-  by courier  asked to disclose the logic   portfolio is challenged   by-product from sugar
            Overseas :  US$ 120 / Euro 90 for 1 Year        US$ 230 / Euro 175  for 2 Years   of their research priorities   by a lack of broad-based   processing and some of
                                                                                                         conversion technology
            Single Copy Cost in India : Rs. 50/-                                 to the public if they are   coupled with a plethora of   the sugar juice are used to
                                                                                                                                 produce ethanol. Sugar,
            Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10                                using taxpayers’ money for   potential targets.  fuel ethanol, and bagasse
            (Add 5% GST)                                                                                                         are the main products in
                                                                                 Sugarcane sector can have   Can we learn from other
                                                                                 bright future provided we
            PAYMENT DETAILS                                                      are keen:
            All the payment by cheque / DD would be made in favour of Media Today Pvt. Ltd.   In agro-economy and
            payable at New Delhi. Add Rs. 100/-  for outstation cheque.          bio-economy, the concepts
                                                                                 such as bio-refinery and
                                                                                 green chemistry focus on
            Printed, Published and owned by Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi, printed at Sonu Printer,   the usage of biomass. This
            B-82, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi  110020 and Published from A-44,   is the outcome of various
            1  Floor, Freedom Fighter Enclave, Neb Sarai, New Delhi - 110068 (India).   agriculture and related
            Editor : Syed Jafar Naqvi                                            activities.  If understood
                                                                                 properly, it causes the less
            Vol. 9...... Issue 2 ...... June 2018                                negative impact on the
                                                                                 environment and can improve
                                                                                 the income of farmers
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