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News                                                                                                      AgriTech indiA  June 2018       3

          Centre may let millers’ process                                        TAFE bags 3 Frost & Sullivan

          groundnut; supply oil via PDS                                          Awards for Manufacturing

            o   dispose   groundnuts                                                                                             companies  are  chosen  on
          Tpurchased       under                                                                                                 the  basis  of  demonstrated
          Minimum   Support   Price                                                                                              achievements   in   defined
          (MSP)  scheme  in  Gujarat,  the                                                                                       categories  and  are  shortlisted
          Centre is considering allowing                                                                                         by  a  panel  of  expert  judges
          millers  to  crush  the  oilseeds                                                                                      for results that have delivered
          on jobwork basis to supply oil                                                                                         clear  and  compelling  value,
          through the Public Distribution                                                                                        return  on  investment,  and
          System (PDS).                                                                                                          other  tangible  outcomes,  a
            It  has  allowed  crushing                                                                                           statement  by  TAFE  said.  It
          of 1 lakh tonnes of groundnut                                                                                          quoted  Frost  &  Sullivan  as
          stored in National Agricultural                                                                                        saying, “TAFE is now among
          Cooperative   Marketing                                                                                                an esteemed group of leaders
          Federation  of  India  (Nafed)                                                                                         who are shaping the future of
          warehouses across Gujarat.  letter to the Gujarat Agriculture   the  oilseed  in  2017-18  kharif                      global manufacturing.”
            “This  is  on  trial  basis  as   Minister R C Faldu demanding   season, against 29 lakh tonnes   AFE  is  now  among  an   categories  —  supply  chain   The   winners   will   be
          for  the  first  time  in  India,   State support for utilising the   in   the   previous   season.   Testeemed group of leaders   management,  and  enterprise   awarded   at   a   ceremony
          groundnut is being processed   stored groundnut for crushing   The   government   started   who are shaping the future of   integration   &   technology   at   Huntington   Beach   in
          under  Price  Support  Scheme   and processing.  procurement  under  a  Price   global manufacturing.  —  for  2018.  The  awards   California,  US,  later.  TAFE
          (PSS) stock,” said a top official   “We   have   requested   Support  Scheme  (PSS)  at  the   Tractors   and   Farm   honour   companies   and   is  the  world’s  third-largest
          of Nafed.              the  government  to  allow  oil   Minimum Support Price (MSP)   Equipment  (TAFE)  has  won   individual  leaders  that  are   tractor   manufacturer   and
                                 millers  and  processors  to   of Rs. 4,450 a quintal. Including   three ‘Frost & Sullivan Global   shaping  the  future  of  global   second-largest  in  India  by
          Warehouses full        take  up  jobwork  for  crushing   the State Government bonus of   Manufacturing   Leadership’   manufacturing.  volumes  with  an  annual  sale
            Nafed had procured about   and   processing   for   the   Rs.  50,  the  procurement  price   awards   in   two   different   The   manufacturing   of over 150,000 tractors.
          8.3  lakh  tonnes  of  groundnut   government.  The  edible  oil   was  Rs.  4,500,  against  then
          in Gujarat, where farmers had   and  peanuts  produced  from   market prices of Rs. 3,250.
          harvested  a  bumper  crop  of   this  can  be  utilized  for  mid-
          32 lakh tonnes during 2017-18   day  meal  schemes  and  sold   Prices hit  Tea weak as takers are few
          kharif seasons. Besides, Nafed   under  PDS.  There  is  a  need   When  Nafed  started  to
          is  saddled  with  a  carryover   for  proactive  measures  from   auction  the  stocks  before  the
          stock  of  50,000  tonnes.  These   the  government,”  said  Shah,   onset  of  monsoon  groundnut   rices of several tea varieties   In leaf category, the market
          are  all  stored  in  about  800   after  a  meeting  held  with  the   selling  price  settled  around   Pdeclined at Kochi auctions   for  good  liquoring  Nilgiri
          warehouses.            officials  of  State  government,   Rs.  2,900-3,000  in  the  initial   following  subdued  demand   brokens, whole leaf across the
            Nafed   has   initiated   Nafed  and  Oil  industry  in   tenders,  about  33  per  cent   from exporters and upcountry   board in orthodox grades sold
          discussions  with  the  agencies   Gondal near Rajkot.  lower.         buyers.                                         around last levels. The quantity
          to  work-out  the  detailing  of                  “The  more  delay  we  face   CTC  dust  market  opened              on offer was 2,13,000 kg.
          tendering   process.   “There   Oilcake market  in  disposing  the  quantity,   barely steady to Rs. 2-3 lower            In  CTC  leaf,  the  market
          will  be  separate  tendering   Oil  millers  said  this  will   the greater will be the loss as   in sale no. 22 and the quantity   for good liquoring teas barely
          process  for  this.  We  are   also  make  groundnut  oilcake   we  are  approaching  towards   on  offer  was  10,85,500  kg.   remained  steady  and  others
          taking  inputs  from  various   viable.  “Unlike  other  oilcake   monsoon which will spoil the   As  the  sale  progressed,  good   good  liquoring  varieties,  the   were lower by Rs. 3 to Rs. 5.
          agencies  including  Junagadh   exports, which have 7 per cent   stock,”  said  Vaghjibhai  Patel,   liquoring  teas  were  steady   auctioneers  Forbes,  Ewart  &   In  dust  grades,  both
          Groundnut  Research  Institute   export  incentive,  there  is  no   Chairman, Nafed.  and  firm  and  sometimes   Figgis said.  Carady   Goody   PD   and
          under  ICAR.  After  receiving   incentive for groundnut oilcake   So  far,  Nafed  has  sold   dearer.  Others  were  irregular   There  was  a  fair  demand   Waterfall  SFD  quoted  the
          inputs  from  them,  we  will   exports.  We  have  demanded   about  1.13  lakh  tonnes  from   and  lower,  witnessing  some   for  orthodox  grades  and  the   best  prices  at  Rs.  145,  while
          devise  our  own  methodology   export  incentives,  which  will   2016-17  crop,  while  no  stock   withdrawal.  Some  regional   quantity  on  offer  was  14,500   Chamraj FOP came to the top
          for tendering,” said the Nafed   lift  the  cake  prices  and  as  a   from  the  2017-18  crop  could   blenders  and  Kerala  State   kg.  Primary  grades  remained   in leaf grades quoting Rs. 278.
          official.              result improve the groundnut   be sold.         Civil  Supplies  were  active  on   steady.
            Sameer  Shah,  President,   prices too,” he added.
          Saurashtra   Oil   Mills   Gujarat witnessed bumper
          Association  (SOMA),  wrote  a   crop  of  32  lakh  tonnes  of

          Tractor sales boost

          M&M Q4 profit 50% to

          Rs. 1,155 cr

              ahindra & Mahindra has   constraints   with   suppliers
          Mreported  a  net  profit  of   could  be  potential  challenges
          Rs.  1,155  crore  for  the  fourth   for the company this year.
          quarter ended March 31, 2018,   He said M&M expects 8-10
          an increase of 50 per cent from   per cent growth this year in its
          the  year-ago  period,  helped   tractor sales and 10-12 per cent
          by  big  boost  in  tractor  sales   growth in commercial vehicles
          coupled  with  the  company’s   sales.
          cost-cutting measures.    “We  remain  cautiously
            The       automaker’s   optimistic  for  FY19,”  Goenka
          consolidated  revenues  grew   said.
          25.6  per  cent  year-on-year  to   Revenue  from  the  farm
          Rs. 13,189 crore driven by the   equipment   segment   rose
          farm equipment segment.  42  per  cent  year-on-year  to
            Operating    margins   Rs. 3,716 crore. Revenue from
          expanded  to  15.1  per  cent  in   the  automotive  segment  rose
          the quarter from 11.2 per cent   19.6 per cent to Rs. 9,105 crore.
          in the comparable quarter last   “For  the  year  FY2018,
          year.                  improvement   in   overall
            “This  has  been  our  best   economic   sentiment,   two
          quarter  ever,”  said  Pawan   consecutive  years  of  normal
          Goenka,  Managing  Director.   monsoon, government’s focus
          “Our  auto  sector  grew  by   on  development  of  agri  and
          20  per  cent  —highest  in  21   rural  sectors,  with  continued
          quarters,  tractors  grew  at   investment  in  infrastructure,
          40  per  cent  —  highest  in  31   coupled with easy availability
          quarters and we also had best   of  affordable  finance,  helped
          margins ever in tractors.”  drive  the  demand  for  the
            Goenka,  however,  added   automotive  as  well  as  the
          that  oil  price  rise,  firming   tractor  industry,”  M&M  said
          up  of  commodity  prices  and   in a statement.
          liquidity  crunch  and  capacity
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