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Monthly                                                                                           Vol. 8  Issue 12          April 2018     ` 50/-

          Delhi high Court                                                       TRANSFORMING AGRICULTURE

          Dismisses monsanto                                                     VALUE CHAIN TO EMPOWER

          plea to enforCe                                                        FPOS AND AGRIPRENEURS

          Bt Cotton seeD patent                                                  Promoting Entrepreneurial Activities among Different Stakeholders in
           Monsanto India says it is very disappointed with the                        irectorate of     to empower FPOs and     the major stakeholders of
                                                                                                                                 the conference. Aligning
                                                                                                         Agripreneurs”. The
           court order; some experts feel it may imperil India’s                 DDevelopment            conference was hosted by   the stakeholder towards a
                                                                                                                                 common goal of creating high
           cotton farmers while others say it will protect them                  (DABD) of Tamil Nadu    TNAU on March 16-17, 2018   impact producer companies
                                                                                 Agricultural University
                                                                                                         at the University Convocation
                                                                                 (TNAU – Coimbatore) and   Hall of TNAU Coimbatore   was the primary objective of
                                                         a  lawyer  representing  the  US   National Bank for Agriculture   campus.   this conference. This event
                                                         company.                and Rural Development      The conference ran   was planned as an action-
                                                                                                                                 oriented forum and was
                                                            The  single  judge  had   (NABARD) organized a   for two days with defined   translated in to follow-up
                                                         said  the  Indian  companies   National conference on   objectives through problem-  action through respective
                                                                                 Agripreneurship called
                                                                                                         solving discussion forums.
                                                         would  have  to  pay  trait  fees   “Agripreneurship Convention   Agripreneurs, agricultural   stakeholders.
                                                         to  Monsanto,  in  line  with   2018: Transforming   technocrats, investors, policy   The event promoted
                                                         government-set   rates.   The   Agriculture Value chain   makers and scientists were
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                                                                      ...Continued on P7

               he  Delhi  High  Court   of Agriculture to immediately
               said     Monsanto   scrap  trait  fee  on  Bollgard
          TTechnologies’  patents   II  cotton  seeds.  Monsanto’s
          on  Bt  cotton  seed  varieties   lawyer  said  it  will  approach
          Bollgard and Bollgard II were   Supreme  Court  in  the  next
          not  valid  and  dismissed  its   30  days  with  a  certificate  of
          claims   against   Nuziveedu   appeal granted by the court.
          Seeds on this count, a finding   The two-member bench of
          that  will  likely  have  far-  justices  S  Ravindra  Bhat  and
          reaching consequences for the   Yogesh  Khanna  dismissed
          agriculture sector.    Monsanto’s  plea  said  that  its
            Monsanto   was   given   patent  for  the  Bt  cotton  seed
          three months to appeal to the   was not valid under Section 3J
          Protection  of  Plant  Varieties   of the Patent Act.
          and Farmers’ Rights Authority   With  respect  to  the  suit
          for relief under the Protection   for   infringement   between
          of  Plant  Variety  and  Farmers   Monsanto  and  Nuziveedu
          Right  Act.  The  court  was   before  a  single  judge  related
          hearing  a  set  of  appeals  filed   to  trait  fees,  the  court  said
          by  Monsanto  and  Nuziveedu   Monsanto’s  claim  was  not
          along  with  the  latter’s  group   maintainable  as  patents  were
          companies—  Prabhati  Agri   invalid.
          Biotech   and   Pravardhan   But  it  said  the  suit  can
          Seeds. The detailed judgement   proceed for claim of damages
          is expected to be uploaded on   since there was an agreement
          the court’s website.   between the parties. The court
            The   National   Seed   told Monsanto to enter into a
          Association  of  India  said  it   contract with Nuziveedu after
          would write to the Department   suitably modifying terms, said

       Inside Stories

             Tupperware takes to space to improve
             astronaut diet
             Govt eyes increasing millet output to 45 mt
             by 2030
             ‘Need to raise maize production to 45 mt by
             Expansion of crop MSP not good, direct
             investment support a viable plan, say
             Fertilisers sales witnessed growth of around
             2% in FY2018
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