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Report                                                                                                 AgriTech indiA  January 2018       5

                                         LeaDinG Companies anD BranDs DispLay

                                         Latest teChnoLoGiCaL proDuCts

                                         A report by Mohammad Baqar Naqvi
              he Turkish city of                                                 Growtech Eurasia. They are to
              Antalya hosted one of                                              arrive in Turkey next year.
          Tthe biggest agriculture                                                  YT3 series driverless robot
          exhibitions -- the 17                                                  tractors by Japanese Yanmar
          International Greenhouse,                                              Co, which can do anything
          Agricultural Equipment and                                             that a farmer can do with a
          Technologies Fair took place                                           tractor and can be remote,
          from 29  November - 2                                                  controlled even from space
          December 2017.                                                         were under the spotlights
            The fair attracted 517                                               during the fair. Digitally
          companies including 160                                                equipped, these tractors
          international firms, 675 brands                                        can be monitored from how
          and 82,648 visitors including
          5,381 foreign visitors on an                                           many times they turned
          area of 50k square meters at                                           left to how much fuel they
          Antalya Expo Centre under                                              consumed thanks to built-in
          the main theme ‘The Global                                             GPS. Their engines can be
          Engagement of Agriculture                                              shut off via remote control
          and Technology’. The fair was                                          on space in case of theft.
          organized by UBM NTSR. The                                             Another innovative product
          highest number of exhibitors                                           by the same company, semi-
          was from China with 46                                                 automatic seedling planting
          companies followed by Spain,                                           machine that is capable of
          Netherlands, Italy, France,                                            ploughing soil and planting 2
          South Korea and Taiwan.                                                thousand seedlings per hour
            Organized in 5 main                                                  was also demonstrated in
          categories namely Greenhouse                                           practice on a mini field that
          and Technologies,                                                      has been created by pouring
          Agricultural Equipment                                                 soil on fair area.
          and Technologies, Irrigation
          Systems, Seed Growing,                                                 New Types of Seeds Made
          Seedling Cultivation, Plant                                            Debut
          Nutrition and Protection,                                                 Black long peppers
          Biological Control,                                                    and purple bell peppers
          Agricultural Machinery and                                             that contain 30 times more
          Equipment, Growtech Eurasia                                            antioxidants and 6 times
          Antalya enjoyed a great deal                                           more Vitamin C than regular
          of attention from visitors for
          innovative products used                                               peppers by Anamas Tarim,   important since there is a   as a major power with
          in agricultural areas. In                                              the one and only type of   large potential in horticulture   considerable influence on
          particular, driverless tractors                                        bandita tomatoes seed that
          with remote space control                                              can be used for soilless   and agriculture sector to   the world scene. Turkey has
          and self-automatic seedling                                            agriculture by Istanbul   promote trade. Turkey can be   commenced to view India
          planting machineries were                                              Tohum and maxi-size brown   bridgehead for Indian exports   as possible source of high
          stormed by visitors. The   the fair hosted a “Buying   the Antalya Chamber of   rural tomatoes called Cikokoy   to Europe through Turkey.   technology and a useful
          products showcased at the   Committee Program” within   Commerce and Industry.  by Yuksel Tohum attracted   India and Turkey have a   economic partner. As the
          fair included Greenhouses   the organization of West   The nominations for the   considerable attention.  great scope for economic and   International Media Partner
          and Horticulture, Agriculture   Mediterranean Exporters   awards were evaluated by an          commercial interactions with   of the event, Agritech India
          Machineries, Tractors and   Union and in coordination   independent jury. Category   International Media Partner -   the success of market reforms   influenced the stakeholders to
          Equipments, Open Areas   with the Ministry of Economy.   winners were Greenhouse   Agritech India  on both sides.      come to India to explore the
          Agriculture Machineries,   This committee, led by 31   Technology and Irrigation   Agritech India newspaper   In the light of the above,   possibilities.
          Agricultural Equipments,   people from 27 companies   Category - the Özyüreks;   being brought and Published   the possibility of improving   Growtech Eurasia Fair
          Greenhouse Heating,    including Azerbaijan, Czech   Plant Nutrition and Protection   by Media Today Group, New   relations between India and   2018 will take place from 28
          Cooling, Ventilation Systems,   Republic, Georgia, Croatia,   Category - Safa Agriculture;   Delhi, was a media partner.   Turkey are good, especially   November - 01  December
          Greenhouse Irrigation   Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Sudan,   Seed and Seedling Category   This partnership is considered   with India’s emergence   2018.
          Projects, Greenhouse   Tajikistan, Jordon, made face   - Seed AZ; Agricultural
          Acclimatization and    one on one interviews with   Information Category -
          Automation Systems from   37 exhibitor companies at fair   clover Technologies.
          Agriculture & Forestry   area. Growtech Eurasia Fair   Special award
          industries.            this year again added value   was given to Akdeniz
            Growtech Eurasia     to our national economy and   University Faculty
          celebrated its 17  anniversary   farmers”.     of Agriculture by the
          this year.                In this agenda, potential   Selection Committee. The
            Engin Er, Growtech   buyers and decision-makers   winning projects were
          Eurasia Brand Director   from nearby countries   exhibited for four days.
          said, “We succeeded to   attended bilateral discussions.  At the Award
          increase the number of our                     function, Dr. Durali
          international exhibitors by   Growtech Agricultural   Kocak, Deputy
          35% more than previous   Awards                Undersecretary of
          year. Most particularly our   The tenth Growtech   the Ministry of Food,
          visitors were from Iran, Iraq,   Agricultural Awards, a   Agriculture and
          Jordon, Azerbaijan, Lebanon,   traditional ceremony was   Livestock mentioned,
          Algeria, Israel, Netherlands,   organized under Growtech   “Agriculture requires
          Morocco and Saudi Arabia.   Eurasia 2017, was also   knowledge, experience
          The fair was a success both as   distributed this year to   and technology. We all
          to number of exhibitors and   add value to agricultural   know the progress of
          visitors. We keep competing   production and support   technology. I would like
          with our own. This year, we   innovative products and   to express my gratitude
          again hit last year’s visitor   named as ATSO GROWTECH   towards everyone who
          record with 82 thousand   Innovation Agriculture   develops technology,
          648 visitors. Moreover,   Awards in cooperation with   which facilitated life
                                                         for producers and

                                                         Turkey to Boost Its
                                                         Competitive Power with
                                                         Geothermal and Solar
                                                            On the second day
                                                         of Growtech Eurasia fair,
                                                         industrial representatives
                                                         discussed “Today and
                                                         Future of Agriculture
                                                         Addressing at the panel,
                                                         Muslum Yanmaz,
                                                         the Chairman of the
                                                         Greenhouse Investors’
                                                         and Manufacturers’
                                                         Association (SERA-BIR)
                                                         mentioned that effective
                                                         use of geothermal and
                                                         solar power to develop
                                                         modern green housing
                                                         would boost Turkey’s
                                                         competitive power.
                                                         Robot Tractors
                                                            Driverless tractor
                                                         was exhibited at
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