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4   AgriTech indiA  January 2018                                                                                                     News

          A natural stream is back from the                                      Bollworm, Bt3: Telangana farmers

          dead in Kerala                                                         want Monsanto compensate their

                                                         Karimaramthodu  to  be  filled-
                                                         in 13 years ago.
                                                            But V. Mohanan, a 60-year                    Monsanto as BG-III.)       “We  have  learnt  about
                                                         old farmer was not convinced.                      “Seeds   with   third   illegal  RRF  herbicide  tolerant
                                                         He  moved  the  High  Court,                    generation  Bt  technology  are   cotton being planted by farmers
                                                         resulting  in  a  direction to  the             marketed  in  the  State.  This   in  key  cotton  growing  States
                                                         government  to  implement  an                   technology  has  no  clearance   across India,” the spokesperson
                                                         order  of  2012  to  restore  the               from  the  Genetic  Engineering   said.   “Even   while   the
                                                                                                                                 necessary applications seeking
                                                         stream. The Court said in 2014                  (GEAC),”  the  association’s   permissions for environmental
                                                         that  the  Collector  should  do                President  P  Janga  Reddy  and   release  of  Roundup  Ready
                                                         the job within a month.      ith      Bollgard-II   Secretary T Sagar have said.  Flex  (RRF)  herbicide-tolerant
                                                            The  work  launched  on   Wtechnology  failing  to   Monsanto India, however,   cotton  were  being  reviewed
                                                         June  29,  2015,  however,  was   control  pink  bollworms  and   denied  any  role  in  spreading   by the GEAC, this request was
                                                         frequently  stopped,  to  avoid   illegal  Bt3  technology  seeds   the   technology   here.   It   withdrawn in May 2016 due to
             nearly   dead   natural   and  got  the  earth  movers
          A stream in Kerala has been   working.  The  55-year  old   the  displeasure  of  the  State   flooding  the  market,  farmers   blamed “illegal sellers of these   the  prevailing  uncertainty  in
                                                                                                                                 the  operating  environment,”
                                                         government of the time.
                                                                                                         unapproved technologies” for
                                                                                 in Telangana have demanded
          nursed back to life by a District   officer  quickly  worked  out  a   State and Central governments   this.           the  Monsanto  India  official
          Collector,  who  believes  that   ‘swap’  with  official  agencies.   There  were  also  protests   to   ensure   payment   of   “It  is  a  matter  of  grave   said.
          “there  is  a  stream  flowing   Under  the  deal,  the  Kerala   by an all-party action council,   compensation  for  crop  losses   concern   that   some   seed   Pink  bollworms,  which
          through everyone’s life.”  State   Transport   Project,   comprising  the  CPI  (M),   they suffered this kharif.  companies, while suppressing   cause   devastating   impact
            No  one  imagined  that   Railways,  and  the  Kerala   the  CPI,  the  BJP,  and  the   The   Telangana   Rythu   their real intent of profiteering,   on  farmers’  incomes,  have
          Karimaramthodu,  which  at   Water  Authority  could  take   Congress  against  the  airport   Sangham   has   asked   the   are  attempting  to  illegally   developed   resistance   to
          one  time  flowed  vigorously   the  earth  excavated  from  1.8   project,  which  did  not  get   governments  to  take  action   incorporate   unauthorised   Monsanto’s second generation
          around  the  paddy  fields  of   hectares of the blocked stream,   environmental   and   civil   against  Monsanto  holding   and  unapproved  herbicide   Bt  cotton  technology  (BG-
          Aranmula  Puncha,  could  be   and use it for their projects.  aviation approvals.  it  responsible  for  the  spread   tolerant   technologies   into   II).  The  incident  was  so
          salvaged after it was filled up   Aranmula  is  well  known   A   determined   District   of  the  third  generation  Bt   their seeds,” a Monsanto India   virulent  that  the  Agriculture
          for a private airport project.  for  a  Vaishnavite  shrine,  the   Collector  then  entered  the   cotton technology seeds in the   spokesperson told.  Department   of   Telangana
            Their fears were confirmed   Sree  Parthasarathy  temple.  It   scene  and  the  villagers  were   State, and make the company   Asked for response on the   had  issued  an  advisory  to
          when  even  a  High  Court   is also famous for its snakeboat   enthusiastic.  pay  compensation  to  them.   demands made by the farmers’   farmers  to  remove  the  plants
          order  for  the  restoration  of   regatta and for mirrors crafted   The ‘swap’ forged by Ms.   (Farmers  in  the  State  have   organisation, the spokesperson   immediately (without waiting
          the  stream  was  not  received   out  of  metal,  the  Aranmula   Girija  provided  44,000  tonnes   been  referring  to  Roundup   said that the firm did not stand   for the third or fourth picks) so
          enthusiastically  by  the  State   Kannadi.    of earth from Karimaramthodu,   Ready Flex  or RRF herbicide-  to gain anything from the sale   that the fields would be free of
          government. All that changed   The   airport   proposal   fetching  royalty  revenue  of   tolerant  cotton  technology  by   of illegal seeds.  the worms for next kharif.
          when  R.  Girija,  the  District   initially boosted the villagers’   Rs.  8.8  lakh.  The  restoration
          Collector  of  Pathanamthitta   hopes   of   commercial   work ended recently.
          took over on August 22, 2016,   development,  allowing  the            Fertilisers vital for doubling
                                                                                 farm income: Ramesh Chand

                                                                                    hemical  nutrients  have   plummets  to  Rs.  6,500  per
                                                                                 Ca  very  important  role  in   hectare,  Chand  said  while
                                                                                 enhancing  farm  productivity   addressing an annual seminar
                                                                                 and  it  would  be  difficult   of the Fertiliser Association of
                                                                                 to  achieve  the  set  goal  of   India.
                                                                                 doubling  farmers’  income  by   Not  many  studies  have
                                                                                 2022  without  the  help  of  the   looked  at  the  role  played  by
                                                                                 domestic  fertiliser  industry,   fertilisers  in  improving  farm
                                                                                 said agriculture economist and   income, he said adding that the   of  the  turmoil  through  which
                                                                                 NITI  Aayog  member  Ramesh   fertiliser industry may have to   the  fertiliser  industry  was
                                                                                 Chand.                  increase  its  urea  production   passing.
                                                                                    A   back-of-the-envelope   capacity to 36 million tonnes by   According to FAI Director-
                                                                                 calculation  has  shown  that  a   2022-23 to achieve a doubling   General  Satish  Chander,  the
                                                                                 farmer  who  uses  around  150   of farmers’ income.  Government has promised the
                                                                                 kg of fertiliser for one hectare   Earlier,   addressing   industry  that  it  would  clear
                                                                                 paddy  crop  gets  an  income   the  gathering,  Rao  Inderjit   dues  of  Rs.  22,000  crore  and
            Editor                            ADVERTISING SALES OFFICES          of  Rs.  26,000,  whereas  if  the   Singh,  Minister  of  State  for   disburse  fertiliser  subsidy  of
                                                                                                                                 Rs.  70,000  crore  for  the  year,
            SYED JAFAR NAQVI                                                     fertiliser use is limited to less   Chemicals and Fertilisers, said   by March 31.
                                                                                 than  50  kg/ha,  the  income
                                                                                                         the  government  was  aware
            Hon. Consulting Editor            New Delhi: +91-11-64519106 /
            T.V. SATYANARAYANAN               29535593 / 65655264
            VIJAY SARDANA              Budget must focus on farm
            Chief Co-ordinator                Mumbai:  9702903993
            M.B. NAQVI                            exports: Crop Care chief
            Hon. Advisors
            Ms. RADHA SINGH (IAS)             Pune: 9881137397                                           FY17 from $39 billion in FY14.   sixth of pesticides used by EU,
            Dr. H P Singh                                                   In  contrast,  imports  in  the   said  Shroff,  who  is  Chairman
            Mr. KISHAN BIR CHAUDHARY                                                                     same period have increased 60   of United Phosphorus of India.
            Mr. G. CHANDRASEKHAR              Chennai: 9941130277                                        per cent to $24 billion from $15   The  global  export  market
            Mr. PAWANExH KOHLI                                      billion.                for  agriculture  produce  is
                                                                                                            Rajju  Shroff,  President,
            Production & Marketing Head                                                                  Crop  Care  Federation  of   worth  about  $1,600  billion.
                                                                                                                                 India  is  second  in  agriculture
            SYED M KAUSAR                     Punjab: 09313088209                                        India,  said  when  European   production  in  the  world  but
            Layout & Design                                                                              countries stop Indian basmati   is  ranked  eighth  in  exports,
            FAIYAZ AHMAD                                                            he Crop Care Federation of   imports over presence of high   well  behind  Thailand  and
                                                                                 TIndia has urged the Centre   pesticides which are not even   Indonesia, said Shroff.
            Admn. & Marketing Office                                             to  focus  on  increasing  the   registered  there,  India  should   “India   is   definitely
            MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.                                                country’s  agriculture  exports   do  the  same  to  their  olive  oil   price   competitive   in   the
            J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,                                 by  facilitating  and  providing   citing  the  same  reasons.  The   global   market,   but   not
            IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068                                         specific   incentives   rather   European Union uses 3.90 lakh   trade   competitive   because
            Phone : 91-11-64519106, 29535593, 65655264                           than allocating funds to boost   tonnes of pesticides which are   of   questionable   policies
            E-mail :                            production.             mostly  not  registered  here.   and  politics  of  developed
            Web. :                                                In  the  last  four  years,   On the other hand, India uses   economies,”  said  S  Ganesan,
                                                                                 agriculture exports have fallen   60,000 tonnes of pesticides. In   Advisor,   Crop   Care
            SUBSCRIPTION                                                         18  per  cent  to  $32  billion  in   other  words,  India  uses  one   Federation.
            India : 1 Year : Rs. 500/-  by normal post       2 Years : Rs. 950/-  by normal post
                        1 Year : Rs. 800/-  by courier                2 Years : Rs. 1550/-  by courier
            Overseas :  US$ 120 / Euro 90 for 1 Year        US$ 230 / Euro 175  for 2 Years   APeDA facilitates export
            Single Copy Cost in India : Rs. 50/-
            Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10                                Green chillies from
            (Add 5% GST)
                                                                                 Varanasi to Dubai

            All the payment by cheque / DD would be made in favour of Media Today Pvt. Ltd.   ecently, Agri export body   chillies,  okra,  bitter  guard,   exporters  to  source  their
            payable at New Delhi. Add Rs. 100/-  for outstation cheque.          RAPEDA organised the first   green peas, brinjal, mango and   produce from Uttar Pradesh.
                                                                                 trial shipment of green chillies   guava, etc.     And  as  an  outcome  of
                                                                                 from  Varanasi  to  Dubai.  This   Despite  the  production   this  effort,  one  exporter  has
            Printed, Published and owned by Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi, printed at Sonu Printer,   move  aims  to  encourage   of  sizeable  quantities  of  fresh   agreed to export green chillies
            B-82, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi  110020 and Published from A-44,   entrepreneurs to boost export   produce  in  Uttar  Pradesh,   and green peas from Varanasi
            1  Floor, Freedom Fighter Enclave, Neb Sarai, New Delhi - 110068 (India).   of  fresh  vegetables  from   exports  are  not  taking  place   to  Dubai.  APEDA  organised
            Editor : Syed Jafar Naqvi                                            eastern Uttar Pradesh.  due to logistic constraints.” To   the  trial  export  shipment  of
                                                                                    Accordingly Eastern Uttar   address  this,  the  Agricultural   green chillies by Elite Oceanic
            Vol. 8...... Issue 9 ...... January 2018                             Pradesh is one of the potential   and  Processed  Food  Exports   Trading  Pvt  Ltd  from  Lal
                                                                                 areas for export of fresh fruits   Development   Authority   Bahadur  Shastri  International
                                                                                 and vegetables, such as green   (APEDA)  has  incentivised   Airport, Varanasi to Dubai.
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