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News                                                                                                   AgriTech indiA  January 2018       3

                                                                                 Tractors India to set up plant

                                                                                 to make underground-mining


                                                                                    ractors  India  Pvt  Ltd
                                                                                 T(TIPL) — which owns the
                                                                                 dealership for Caterpillar earth
                                                                                 moving  equipment  in  North,
                                                                                 East and North-Eastern India,
                                                                                 Bhutan and Nepal — will set
                                                                                 up  an  underground-mining
                                                                                 machine manufacturing plant
                                                                                 at  Asansol  in  West  Bengal.
                                                                                 The company will also look at
                                                                                 making defence vehicles.
                                                                                    The   proposed   facility,
                                                                                 coming up at an estimated cost
                                                                                 of Rs. 120 crore, is likely to go   portfolio.  But,  it  still  owns   like construction, energy and
                                                                                 on  stream  between  July  and   the  technology  for  these   transportation and mining.
                                                                                 September next year.    equipment  that  have  demand
                                                                                    The Rs. 1,600-crore TIPL —   elsewhere,” he added.
                                                                                 once  a  subsidiary  of  Kolkata-  TIPL  is  already  in  talks   Defence manufacturing
                                                                                 based TIL — was acquired by   for sourcing spares and other   According  to  Chaturvedi,
                                                                                 Goodearth  Minetech  Pvt  Ltd   parts of these equipment from   the  defence  contracts  involve
                                                                                 of Delhi for a net consideration   countries  in  Europe,  the  US   re-powering  of  tanks.  TIPL
                                                                                 of Rs. 350 crore in 2016.  and India.           has already got two contracts
                                                                                    According to Sunil Kumar   For  the  current  year  (it   from  the  Army;  and  the  first
                                                                                 Chaturvedi,  Chairman  and   follows  a  calendar  year),  the   prototype  is  expected  to  be
                                                                                 Managing   Director,   TIPL,   company  is  looking  to  clock   made ready by February next
                                                                                 the  company  will  tie  up   a  turnover  of  Rs.  1,750  crore   year.
                                                                                 with  Caterpillar  for  using  its   from  India  operations;  while   “We  are  developing  the
                                                                                 technology  for  making  these   the  target  is  to  take  it  to  Rs.   prototype of BMP-2 (a second-
                                                                                 “expensive and sophisticated”   2,100  crore  by  2018.  Business   generation,   amphibious
                                                                                 equipment.              will  be  driven  primarily  by   infantry   fighting   vehicle
                                                                                    “These   would   be   the  Caterpillar  dealership   introduced in the 1980s in the
                                                                                 specialised mining equipment   business and across segments   Soviet Union),” he said.
                                                                                 covering   segments   where
                                                                                 Caterpillar  has  exited  the
                                                                                 market,”  he  told  on  the
                                                                                 sidelines of Infocom 2017.
                                                                                    While Chaturvedi did not
                                                                                 specify  the  type  of  machines,
                                                                                 he  claimed  there  was  a  good
                                                                                 market  for  these  in  Eastern
                                                                                 India,  Russia,  Australia  and
                                                                                    “Caterpillar  is  more  into
                                                                                 a  volume  game  with  the  US
                                                                                 market  dictating  its  product

          Rabi sowing picks up,

          but wheat continues

          to lag

            ven though the area under   Pradesh,   Karnataka   and
          Ewheat  crop  continued  to   Andhra Pradesh.
          lag, increase in the acreage of   Increased   transplanting
          rice  and  pulses  helped  rabi   in  Tamil  Nadu  and  Andhra
          sowing to maintain a marginal   Pradesh  lifted  the  total  area
          edge over that in the previous   under rice to 14.78 lh — about
          year,  data  released  by  the   43  per  cent  higher  than  last
          Agriculture Ministry showed.  year.
            The  total  area  under  rabi   The  crops  that  continued
          crops  this  season  just  edged   to languish are oilseeds whose
          past  546  lakh  hectares  (lh)  as   total area was 73.08 lh, which
          compared  to  545  lh  during   is  around  6.7  per  cent  lower
          the  corresponding  period  last   than that in the previous year.
          year.  At  262.74  lh,  the  area   Rajasthan, where the total area
          under wheat crop is about 3.5   of  sowing  is  7  lakh  lh  lower
          per cent lower than 272.62 lh in   than  last  year,  accounted  for
          same period previous year.  this shortfall.
            The  acreage  under  the   The  area  under  coarse
          pulses  crop,  on  other  hand,   cereals  was  marginally  less
          is  9  per  cent  higher  at  146   than  last  year  at  49.41  lh,
          lh.  Higher  pulses  sowing  is   according to the ministry data.
          reported mainly from Madhya

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