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10   AgriTech indiA  January 2018                                                                                                     News

          DhanuKa aGriteCh LimiteD                                                                                               stories which would be
                                                                                                                                 printed for circulation during
          BrieFinG on institution oF                                                                                             the award function. There
                                                                                                                                 were some questions from
                                                                                                                                 media which were answered
          innoVations in aGriCuLture                                                                                             by the dignitaries on the dias
                                                                                                                                 which included Dr Rajinder
          aWarD 2018                                                                                                             Prashad, Dr OP Singh,
                                                                                                                                 President, Dhanuka Agritech,
                                                                                                                                 Prof RB Singh, Chancellor,
                                                                                                                                 Central Agricultural
                                                         of agrochemicals was cited                                              University, Imphal. Dhanuka
                                                         as another concern area and                                             also requested the Media
                                                         it was mentioned that due to   The emblem of the Dhanuka Innovative Agriculture   present to give publicity to
                                                         subsidy urea was most used   Awards 2018 unveiled during the ceremony   the awards through their
                                                         by farmers at the cost of other                                         resources.
                                                         agrochemicals which led to                                                 In the Q/A session
                                                         imbalance of fertilizer usage.                                          Vinod Kumaar Kaul, General
                                                         Dhanuka further emphasized                                              Manager, Media Today Group
                                                         the need for higher use of                                              suggested to the panelists
                                                         hybrid seeds and control                                                that it would be ideal if basic
                                                         of weeds and insects since                                              infrastructure is set up at
                                                         if diseases in plants are not                                           farm level so that the farmer
          (L to R) Dr OP Singh, Mr RG Agarwal, Prof RB Singh, Dr Rajinder Parshad  managed, huge crop losses                     could save the harvested
               hanuka Agritech   the first ever initiative of   occur. Therefore there is                                        produce from deterioration.
               Limited organized   Dhanuka Agritech Limited   need to train farmers in use                                       The processing infrastructure
          Da briefing to the     is aimed to acknowledge   of appropriate pesticides.                                            could be set up in major cities.
          press regarding institution   the innovations done in the   Dhanuka Agritech Limited                                   This would ensure that more
          of Innovative Agriculture   farming sector. The ultimate   has been actively engaged in                                produce of good quality is
          Awards 2018 at Hotel Le   aim is to encourage the   these activities through its   Vinod Kumaar Kaul, General Manager, Media Today   available to consumer and
          Meridien on 4  January, 2018.  farmers to share their good   manpower resources, NABL   making his suggestion          farmers’ income would
            RG Dhanuka, Chairman,   practices to augment crop   Accredited Laboratories                                          increase.
          Dhanuka Agritech Limited   productivity and farmers’   and technical tie-ups with   Rs 20 lakhs – 10 awards for   have been invited by 28    Another question that was
          cited the Government of   income. He mentioned that   4 American and 6 Japanese   farmers for improvements in   February, 2018. Appreciating   posed by another participant
          India’s goal of doubling   there is lack of technology   companies.    crops; 4 awards for farmers   the role of Media, it was   was   related to protection
          farmers income by the year   at farmer level, research   After unveiling the   for water harvesting; 2 awards   requested that the awards   of varieties to which the
          2022 and mentioned that   work does not percolate to   emblem of the Dhanuka   for scientists for agricultural   would be presented on   panel responded that this is
          in order to revolutionize   the farmer level, there is   Innovative Agriculture   research  and one award for   22  March, 2018 which is   being taken care of under the
          the agriculture in India   need for water harvesting   Awards, 2018, Dhanuka   KVKs for technology transfer.   celebrated as Jal Diwas (Water   Protection of Plant Varieties
          considering that land and   to bring more areas under   stated that there would be   It was mentioned that   Day). Media was invited to   and Farmers’ Rights Act.
          water resources are depleting,   irrigation. Soil health and use   awards for a total value of   applications for these awards   send details of any success

          How this Israeli technique is giving

          a plug to Gujarat’s vegetable


                                                         of  pesticides  and  fungicides
                                                         by   undertaking   precision
                                                         farming.  This  will  also  bring
                                                         down  the  overall  cost  of
                                                         farming.  Also,  timely  sowing
                                                         and  early  harvest  make  it
                                                         commercially   advantageous
                                                         for  them,”  Patel  said  adding
                                                         that the seedlings developed at
                                                         the plug nursery start to grow
                                                         from the first day of planting,
                                                         unlike conventional seedlings,
                                                         which  take  7-8  days  to  reach
                                                         the growth stage.
             alpesh  Patel,  a  middle-  Indo-Israeli initiative  The  CoE  also  provides
          Kaged  vegetable  farmer   Set  up  under  the  Indo-  one-day  training  to  farmers
          of  Prantij,  is  a  proud  father   Israel  Agriculture  Work  Plan   on best practices of net-house
          as he was able to give his son   for  exchange  of  advanced   farming  and  guidance  on
          Ridham  an  opportunity  to   farming   technology,   the   infrastructure  for  developing
          pursue his dream of becoming   Centre  of  Excellence  (CoE)   plug nurseries.
          a mechanical engineer.  for   Protected   Cultivation
            For  Patel,  a  graduate,   and  Precision  Farming  on   Farmers’ advantage
          farming  has  never  been  so   Vegetables  at  Vadrad  village   Till  now,  over  10,000
          exciting  and  rewarding  than   near  Prantij  in  Sabarkantha   farmers  have  been  trained  at
          in  the  last  25  years.  Thanks   district   is   providing   the   the  CoE,  while  about  35,000
          to  Israeli  farming  technique,   training  and  guidance  in   farmers  have  been  given
          Patel  and  hundreds  like  him   controlled farming techniques   demonstrations.
          from  Gujarat  have  spotted  a   using net houses and seedlings   The  CoE  has  also  helped
          financially  viable  vegetable   developed in plug nurseries.  develop  three  other  such
          farming opportunity.      On  January  17,  Israeli   nurseries   across   Gujarat
            “Unlike  in  the  past,  now   Prime   Minister   Benjamin   —  located  at  Bardoli  and
          we can have better quality and   Netanyahu  accompanied  by   Dediyapada  in  the  southern
          increased yield of cauliflower.   the  Prime  Minister  Narendra   part   of   the   State   and
          This  fetches  better  price  for   Modi is likely to visit the CoE   Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha.
          sure, but the early harvest by   at Vadrad to look the successful   A typical plug nursery having
          about  8-10  days  is  the  key  to   Plug Nursery farming.  an  area  of  500  sq  m  costs  Rs.
          success.  The  Israeli  technique              25,000  with  a  capacity  of  10
          of  precision  farming  under   How is it different  lakh seedlings per year.
          controlled   environment   is   According  to  JK  Patel,   Gujarat has about 400,000
          giving   such   encouraging   Deputy   Director,   Gujarat   hectares   under   vegetable
          results,”  says  Patel,  who  has   Horticulture  Department,  the   cultivation.
          16  bighas  (8  acres)  under   CoE was launched in 2015 and   Patel  noted  that  with  the
          cauliflower.           has  so  far  supplied  about  60   help of plug nursery, the crop
            Patel   requires   34,000   lakh  seedlings  to  about  9,000   diversity  can  increase  and
          seedlings  for  each  acre.  The   farmers across the State and in   farmers can also take-up exotic
          Israeli  technique  that  he  has   neighbouring  Rajasthan  and   crops such as broccoli, cherry
          been relying on for two years   Madhya Pradesh.  tomato,  red  cabbage  and
          has  helped  him  double  his   “We   provide   these   cucumber.
          annual  farm  income  from  Rs.   seedlings at a token Rs. 1 per
          30 lakh in 2015 to Rs. 60 lakh in   seedling.  The  purpose  is  to
          the coming year.       help  farmers  reduce  the  use
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