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          Govt raises MSP for major                                              Hatsun Agro’s bulk cooling

          crops by 6-11%                                                         system, a boon for farmers

                                                         Chairman  of  Punjab  State   atsun  Agro  inaugurated   thermal  energy  battery,  and   installing  this  technology  are
                                                         Farmers’  Commission,  said  Hits 500  Milk Bank earlier   can function in remote villages   faster cooling, improvement in
                                                         the government must procure   with  an  Active  Bulk  Cooler   with  intermittent  electricity   milk  quality  and  elimination
                                                         crop based on the MSP already   system in Dharmapuri District,   supply.  of diesel for power backup.
                                                         declared. “We are seeing most   Tamil Nadu.        These bulk cooling systems   RG   Chandramogan,
                                                         crops  are  selling  below  MSP   The  largest  private-sector   are   strategically   installed   Chairman  and  MD,  Hatsun
                                                         in the recent past. Farmers are   dairy  company  in  India  has   in   milk-collection   centres   Agro,  said:  “The  benefit  of
                                                         not  going  to  make  a  decision   over   9,500   milk-collection   in  remote  locations.  The   such  a  technology  is  that
                                                         based  on  MSP  but  on  actual   centres  in  villages  across   cooler  helps  to  chill  the  raw   farmers  situated  even  in  the
                                                         price he got in the market this   Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh,   milk  collected  from  farmers   remotest  villages,  who  are
                                                         year,” he said.
            he  government  has  raised   said   Anuj   Gupta,   DVP,   Of  the  900  million  tonne   Telangana,  Karnataka  and   instantly, thereby ensuring the   unable to supply milk to dairy
          Tthe  Minimum  Support   research  commodities,  Angel   food production in the country,   Maharashtra. Now 500 centres   milk remains cold till it reaches   companies,  can  now  do  so
          Price  (MSP)  for  major  crops   Commodity.   the direct beneficiaries of MSP   have  the  Active  Bulk  Cooler   the processing facility.  with reliable milk refrigeration
          including  wheat,  pulses  and   Ashok   Gulati,   Former   is only 7 per cent to 8 per cent   system,  which  operates  on  a   The three main benefits of   at their doorstep.”
          oilseeds  by  6  per  cent  to  11   Chairman  of  the  Commission   of  the  farming  community,
          per  cent,  which  is  expected   for  Agricultural  Costs  and   said Tejinder Narang, Former
          to  increase  its  acreage  in  the   Prices (CACP) said, “The price   Director  of  trading  company
          rabi or winter-sowing season.   increase  is  good  compared   PEC. “MSP is a psychological
          However, analysts said official   to  2014-15  and  2015-16.  The   comfort  to  farmers  while
          agencies  need  to  increase   government  should  ensure   private  trade  works  on  the
          procurement  and  make  sure   that  the  crop  is  procured,   basis  of  market  mechanism.
          that  the  market  rates  do  not   especially  in  Uttar  Pradesh   Farmers  in  Punjab,  Haryana,
          tumble.                and  Bihar.  In  UP,  the  wheat   Rajasthan   and   Madhya
            They  expect  to  see  some   crop is over 30 million tonnes,   Pradesh,  who  are  assured  of
          rise in prices of kharif pulses,   but procurement last year was   government   procurement,
          including   arhar,   moong,   only  3  million  tonnes  even   will plant wheat and in other   Insurance coverage under-utilised
          urad, which is currently being   after  CM  Yogi  Adityanath   places,  farmers  will  go  for
          harvested  and  been  selling   announced  that  they  will   traditional crops,” he said.
          below MSP.             procure 8 million tonnes.“   Agriculture   Minister   in fisheries sector: CMFRI study
            “Now  with  increase  in   Gulati said the increase in   Radha Mohan Singh said the
          MSP,  the  acreage  for  rabi   prices of pulses was marginal   government  has  increased     of  fishermen,  the  other  major   The  study  also  found
          crops  will  increase  largely  in   compared to the previous year.   MSP  for  rabi  crops.  The
          rainfed  regions  where  water   “The current market prices are   Cabinet   Committee   on     risks  involved  in  the  sector   that  the  provision  for  vessel
          moisture is good after the late   way below MSP for pulses. So,   Economic  Affairs  approved   such as loss of, or damage to,   insurance, gear insurance and
          rains.  Prices  in  the  short-run   government  should  ensure   MSP  for  rabi  crops  of  2017-  fishing  vessels  and  gear,  and   coastal  asset  insurance  was
          for  pulses  are  also  expected   that it procures from farmers,“   18  season  to  be  marketed  in   damage to assets of fishermen   quite low, with only one case of
          to  see  some  firmness  in   he said.         2018-19.                                        are covered only on a limited   gear  insurance  reported  from
          domestic  and  global  market,”   Similarly, Ajay Vir Jakhar,                                  scale  across  the  country,   Kerala and a mere 14 per cent
                                                                                                         including Kerala.       of fishermen from Tamil Nadu
                                                                                                            Moreover,   insurance   taking coastal asset insurance.
          ...Continued from page 1                                                  hedding   light   on   the   policy  is  available  for  such   Insurance coverage of income
          india faces ‘food security’ hurdle in Wto                              Salarming       situation   risks as the large-scale decline   risks  owing  to  decline  in  fish
                                                                                                                                 stocks  and  price  risks  due  to
                                                                                                         in  the  stock  of  fish  species,
                                                                                 prevailing  in  the  country’s
                                                                                 fisheries  sector,  a  study  by   damage  of  sea  cages,  loss  of   market price fluctuations were
                                                                                 the  Central  Marine  Fisheries   fish  crops,  damage  to  farm   not  reported  by  any  of  the
          imposed for breach of limits subject to certain   by  stating  that  its  subsidies  might  breach  the   Research  Institute  (CMFRI)   structures, etc. But there is fair   respondents.
          safeguards  (peace  clause)  and  a  permanent   given limits? It is also difficult to calculate as the   reveals that insurance remains   covergae  for  accident  risks  of   According   to   Shinoj
          solution would be in place by the end of 2017.  market situation is volatile,” the official said.  under-utilised   in   fisheries   fishermen in Kerala and Tamil   Parappurathu,   a   CMFRI
            The  Buenos  Aires  Ministerial  meet  is  on                        compared to other agriculture   Nadu unlike other States.  Scientist  and  leader  of  the
          December  10-13  and  members  are  trying  to   Language wrangle      sub-sectors.               The study was conducted   study,  lack  of  awareness
          reach an agreement on a small package of issues,   To  ensure  that  new  food  crops  also  get   The  fisheries  sector  has   both in the capture and culture   among the fishing community
          including  disciplining  fisheries  subsidies  and   covered,  India  and  the  G-33  want  the  current   received  little  attention  either   sectors  across  14  fishing   on  the  need  for,  and  benefits
          agriculture subsidies and a permanent solution   language  in  the  Bali  Decision  to  be  replaced   at  the  Central  or  State  levels   centres in Kerala, Tamil Nadu,   of,  insurance  schemes  is  one
          on public stockholding.            by  “foodstuffs”  as  the  existing  phrase  —   except for the presence of a few   Andhra  Pradesh,  Gujarat  and   of  the  major  reasons  behind
            “Attempts are now being made to make the   “traditional staple food crops” doesn’t cover all   public  insurance  companies   Odisha  and  among  the  fish-  the situation. The trust deficit
          safeguards for getting the exemption so onerous   food crops.          and co-operative bodies at the   farmers  of  Kerala  and  Tamil   between insurance companies
          that  most  developing  countries  would  not  be   The US and many other developed countries   local level with limited scale of   Nadu.  The  level  of  adoption   and  the  fishing  community
          able to use them,” said the official, privy to a   have,  however,  raised  strong  objections  to   activity.  of insurance in aquaculture is   was also a contributing factor
          recent  special  session  on  public  stockholding,   changing the Bali text.  Apart  from  accident  risks   also very low.  for the low coverage.
          at  the  WTO.  For  instance,  Canada  said  at  the   The EU, backed by Brazil, is insisting that
          meeting  that  a  permanent  solution  should   a permanent solution should not be negotiated
          include an ‘ex ante’ transparency requirement,   independently  and  should  be  tied  to  pruning
          and  safeguards  should  be  in  place  to  ensure   of overall domestic subsidies, which has been
          that  countries  should  not  increase  applied   rejected outright by India and the G-33.
          tariffs for the products procured under public   Indonesia,  speaking  on  behalf  of  the  G33
          stockholding  programmes.  This  means  that   at the meeting, reiterated the group’s position
          countries have to inform in advance a breach or   that the issue should not in any way be linked
          a potential breach, which, for the G-33 countries   with domestic support, and any linkage would
          is not a feasible option.          prevent members from achieving an outcome in
            “This  provision  is  completely  unrealistic.   Buenos Aires.
          Why should a country on its own invite trouble
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