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          India’s stand on fumigation                                            ‘Farmers set to lose Rs. 35,968 cr

          agent irks WTO members                                                 in top 7 crops this season’

                                 set to implement its policy of   plant health, measures should                                  seasons of drought, farmers are
                                 disallowing  import  of  certain   be  commensurate  with  the                                  suffering from three successive
                                 farm  items  such  as  pulses,   risks.  They  urged  India  to                                 seasons of low crop prices. All
                                 cashew  nuts  and  tree  wood   acknowledge other treatments                                    major crops are selling below
                                 that were not fumigated with   that would offer the same level                                  the  government’s  own  MSP,”
                                 methyl bromide in the country   of protection.”                                                 the coalition of farmer bodies
                                 of origin. However, on protests   India  insists  on  methyl                                    said.
                                 by partner countries, including   bromide   fumigation   to                                        For instance, while paddy
                                 Canada,  Delhi  gave  a  six-  protect  crops  from  nematode                                   has  a  MSP  of  Rs.  1,550  per
                                                                                                                                 quintal,  the  average  mandi
                                 month exemption. Imports can   pests.  The  country’s  plant                                    price that a farmer gets is Rs.
                                 now  be  fumigated  at  Indian   quarantine department had in                                   1,397 per quintal. Considering
            everal countries, including   ports on payment of a penalty.  January informed agricultural                          that  the  mandi  sales  till
          Sthe  US  and  Columbia,  are   A   government   official   counsellors   and   trade                                  November  7  was  2,066.5  lakh
          resisting  at  the  World  Trade   told   that   “exporters   are   commissioners  from  several                       quintal, the cumulative loss for
          Organisation India’s insistence   worried  that  if  India  allows   exporting  countries  that  it   head  of  the  countrywide   much below the official APMC   farmers  was  estimated  to  be
          on  fumigating  farm  imports   the   exemption   to   lapse,   did  not  intend  extending  the   Afarmers’  rally  in  the   market  prices  used  in  these   Rs. 3,192 crore, it said. Similar
          such  as  tree  wood,  pulses   their  shipments  would  be  in   permission  for  fumigating  at   Capital  on  November  20,  the   estimates.”  losses  in  the  case  of  urad  dal
          and  cashewnuts  with  methyl   trouble. Since a large number   Indian ports beyond March 31,   All  India  Kisan  Sangharsh   “The   #KisanKiLoot   and  soybean  could  be  in  the
          bromide.  They  contend  that   of  countries  have  banned  the   2018.  Coordination   Committee   campaign   intends   to   range of Rs. 1,126 crore and Rs.
          the chemical has been banned   chemical  in  their  jurisdiction,   It   argued   that   the   (AIKSCC),   a   nationwide   showcase  to  the  nation  how   830 crore, respectively.
          in  many  countries  because   they would not be able to meet   exemption,  which  had  been   coalition  of  over  180  farmer   farmers  are  being  denied   The  coalition  of  farmers’
          of its potential to damage the   India’s requirements.”  extended  to  exporters  of   organisations,  announced  its   remunerative  prices  after  all   bodies  further  said  that  the
          ozone layer.              At  the  WTO  meeting,   pulses for more than a decade,   “#KisanKiLoot”  (Looting  the   the  hardships  and  risks  that   losses incurred by farmers are
            In  a  recent  meeting  on   Colombia   questioned   was  leading  to  a  depletion  of   Farmer) campaign.  they  face  in  producing  food   actually  much  higher  as  the
          pesticides,  India  said  that  it   India’s  demand  with  the  US,   India’s ozone layer.  Citing  a  study  of  crop   for  the  nation,”  AIKCC  said   announced  MSPs  are  highly
          had  relaxed  the  fumigation   Madagascar,  Burkina  Faso,   “India  is  in  discussion   prices  across  the  country   in  a  statement,  after  a  press   inadequate.
          requirement  on  the  condition   Ukraine,  Togo,  Nigeria  and   with  its  trade  partners  on   this  season,  the  AIKSCC  said   conference  by  VM  Singh,   Prime  Minister  Narendra
          that   imports   would   be   Mozambique  echoing  their   alternatives that could be used   “considering  the  top  seven   Raju  Shetty  of  Swabhimani   Modi  and  the  BJP  manifesto
          fumigated  upon  arrival.  It   concerns.      for fumigation. But the option   crops (paddy, maize, soybean,   Shetkari Sangathan; Yogendra   had  promised  in  the  2014
          was  also  in  consultation  with   According   to   Geneva-  should be equally effective and   cotton,  bajra,  groundnut  and   Yadav  of  Swaraj  Abhiyan;   elections that MSPs would be
                                                                                                         Hannan  Mollah  of  All  India
                                                                                 urad),  the  arrivals  in  mandis
                                                                                                                                 fixed  at  50  per  cent  margin
          exporting  nations  to  find   based  trade  official,  “the   not  harm  our  environment,”   so  far  and  the  actual  market   Kisan  Sabha;  Medha  Patkar   above the cost of production.
          alternative solutions.  countries  said  that  while   the first official said.  prices,  farmers  have  lost   of   National   Alliance   of   “Considering  C2+50  per
            In June, New Delhi was all   India  had  the  right  to  protect
                                                                                 Rs. 6,283 crore compared with   People’s Movements; Sunilam   cent  as  the  fair  remunerative
                                                                                 the  minimum  support  price   of  Kisan  Sangharsh  Samiti,   price   promised   by   the
                                                                                 (MSP).”                 Ashish  Mitttal  of  All  India   government, the loss faced by
          Farmers’ development scheme                                            that would be sold by farmers   Kisan  Mazdoor  Sabha;  Avik   farmers  is  more  than  Rs.  2.03
                                                                                    Considering the total crop
                                                                                                                                 lakh  crore.  This  is  the  true
                                                                                                         Saha  of  Jai  Kisan  Andolan;
          gets a three-year extension                                            this   season   (marketable   Kirankumar  Vissa  of  Rythu   extent  of  #KisanKiLoot  in  a
                                                                                 surplus), the estimated loss of
                                                                                                                                 single  season  in  just  the  top
                                                                                 farmers compared with MSP is   others.          seven crops,” it said.
                                                                                 Rs. 35,968 crore, said AIKSCC,   The  AIKSCC  said  this   “This  massive  injustice  in
                                                         flexi-funds.            adding that these are the “most   season,  farmers  were  facing   prices is pushing farmers into
                                                            “States can use this (flexi-  conservative estimates because   huge  losses  due  to  low  crop   debt  and  suicides  across  the
                                                         funds) for supporting projects   the  actual  prices  obtained  by   prices.  country,” AIKSCC alleged.
                                                         as  per  the  local  needs,”  the   the farmers in many cases are   “After   four   successive
                                                         release added.
                                                            In  addition,  about  20  per
                                                         cent  of  the  annual  outlay
                                                         would   be   provided   for
                                                         implementing  special  sub-
                                                         schemes  of  national  priorities
                                                         under RKVY-RAFTAAR.
                                                            Also,  10  per  cent  of  the
                                                         annual   outlay   would   be
                                                         provided  for  innovation
                                                         and   agri-entrepreneur
                                                         development   through
                                                         creating     end-to-
           n a bid to incentivise States   activity through strengthening   end   solution,   skill
          Ito  increase  allocations  for   the   farmer’s   effort,   risk   development   and
          agriculture  and  allied  sectors   mitigation and promoting agri-  financial   support   for
          the,  Cabinet  Committee  on   business   entrepreneurship,”   setting  up  the  agri-
          Economic  Affairs  approved   an official release said.  enterprise.
          the  continuation  of  Rashtriya   The   RKVY-RAFTAAR   “The  scheme  will
          Krishi  Vikas  Yojana  (RKVY)   funds  would  be  provided  to   incentivise   States
          for  three  years  —  2017-18   States as 60:40 grants between   in   enhancing   more
          to  2019-20  —renaming  it  as   Centre  and  States  (90:10  for   allocation  to  agriculture
          Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana-  North-Eastern   States   and   and  allied  sectors.  This
          Remunerative   Approaches   Himalayan States).  will   also   strengthen
          for  Agriculture  and  Allied   Under   the   revamped   farmers’  efforts  through
          sector  Rejuvenation  (RKVY-  scheme,  about  50  per  cent   creation  of  agriculture
          RAFTAAR).              of  the  annual  outlay  will   infrastructure  that  helps
            “The  financial  allocation   be  provided  for  setting  up   in  supply  of  quality
          of   the   scheme   will   be   infrastructure  and  assets,  30   inputs,  market  facilities,
          Rs.  15,722  crore  with  the   per  cent  for  value  addition-  etc,” the official statement
          objective  of  making  farming   linked production projects and   said.
          a   remunerative   economic   20 per cent of the outlay will be

          New rule on tractors hit
          farmers: Yadav

            he   Centre’s   decision   to  drive  the  tractor.  Is  the   increased tolls.
          Tto  exclude  agricultural   government even aware of the   “Once   agriculture
          tractors  from  the  category  of   literacy  rate  prevalent  among   tractor  is  considered  as
          ‘non-transport  vehicles’  will   the  farmers  of  our  country,”   a  ‘transport  vehicle’,  it
          have “severe implications” on   Yadav said in a release.  will  require  a  permit
          the already distressed farmers   Terming   the   move   to  ply,  this  will  be  an
          of  the  country,  said  Swaraj   as   unnecessary,   party   additional burden on the
          India,  a  party  founded  by   spokesperson  Rajeev  Gidara   pockets  of  the  farmers,
          Yogendra Yadav and Prashant   said  there  already  existed   and   the   government
          Bhushan, after breaking away   a  clear  distinction  between   has   been   completely
          from the Aam Aadmi Party.  tractors   being   used   for   insensitive  towards  such
            In   a   memorandum   agricultural purposes and the   implications,”  Jai  Kisan
          submitted   to   the   Road   ones  that  are  being  used  for   Andolan  convenor  Avik
          Transport   Minister   Nitin   non-agriculture purposes.  Saha said.
          Gadakri,   the   party   has   He   said   including   Swaraj  India  also
          demanded  more  time  for   agricultural  tractors  in  the   criticised the government
          submission of objections on the   category   of   commercial   for   not   circulating
          draft rule that the government   vehicles  would  increase  their   or   publishing   the
          has issued.            cost as the Goods and Services   notification  among  the
            “If   this   move   is   tax  (GST)  levied  on  tractors   agriculturist  community
          implemented,  farmers  will   will increase from the present   through  different  modes
          need  to  be  at  least  class  8th   12 per cent to 28 per cent, and   of  publication,  but  for
          pass to be eligible for a licence   they  would  be  subjected  to   publishing it in a gazette.
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