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          Business standard
          agriculture round taBle 2017

                                                                                        Dr P K Joshi           Vijay Sardana            RG Agarwal
                                                                                 3.2%   and if it is to double   APMC Acts need to change   of Food Processing Industries
                                                                                 a CAGR of 15% would be   so that the farmer is free to   under which an allocation of
                                                                                 required.               sell his produce anywhere.   Rs 6000 Cr has been made for
                                                                                    Tajmul Haque expressed   Agarwal suggested that the   creation of infrastructure, and
                                                                                 optimism that the objective   direction of subsidies should   addressing the forward and
               S.K. Pattanayak       Radha Mohan Singh        Pawanexh Kohli     of doubling farmers’ income   be re-oriented towards   backward linkages. Centers of
                                                                                 in next five years can be   domain/region specific.  National Bee Board have been
          gap in field demonstrations   some other areas such as   need to take up allied   achieved. The average income   The second Technical   created in 8 states and will be
          and actual field results. He   multiplication of pashmina   activities like beekeeping,   of agricultural household is   Session was focused on   replicated in other states as
          quoted the need of quality   yielding goat, saffron and   composting etc to boost their   Rs 5000-6400. Hence in order   Making India a Global Food   well.
          seeds as a priority area. He   animal protein etc.  incomes as these activities   to achieve the target the   Hub –opportunities and   Vijay Sardana, Agri
          emphasized the need for   Pattanayak also      will help in maximizing yield   technical, political, foreign   Challenges.  Business Expert mentioned
          setting up state level seed hubs   mentioned that there is   per unit area. He mentioned   trade policy, will need to be   Dr P K Joshi, Director,   in his address that India has
          so that farmers could get good   need to connect the farmers   that 80% of public investment   appropriately addressed.   South Asia, IFPRI , mentioned   the capability to compete
          quality seeds and Government   directly to the market for   is consumed by subsidies   Tajmul Haque opined that the   that India has surplus of   with all countries and other
          of India is making concerted   better realization and ENAM   and hence there is strict   quality of public investment   various crops  and that by   countries will buy from India
          efforts in this direction   initiative is a tool towards   need to move towards using   can be improved by investing   2030 India will have huge   but this requires the best
          through Seed Village Program.   implementation of this   the subsidy funds towards   in creation of appropriate   surpluses of rice (10 m   packaging, best marketing and
          The need for setting up seed   objective. Though some states   creation of infrastructure   infrastructure to arrest huge   MTs), Wheat (14 m MTs),   best quality . The need is to
          hubs in talukas and villages   have removed the APMC Act   etc. the need for efficient   post harvest losses. However,   Coarse Grains (15m MTs),   create benchmarking of each
          was emphasized. It was also   and allowed direct trading by   transportation and marketing   without subsidy agriculture   Vegetables (18m MTs), Fruits   product separately and not as
          mentioned that unscrupulous   farmers, other states are yet to   systems was emphasized.   cannot survive. He added that   (20m MTs). However, he   a category. Also stakeholder
          use of fertilizers is another   follow suit. He also mentioned   During Technical   Niti Ayog has effected some   quoted the need to arrest the   consultations need to be done
          concern area and it would   that enabling environment   Session 1 on Doubling of   changes in the Land Leasing   large wastages of 10m MTs   vigorously to understand and
          ideal for fertilizer companies   needs to be created such as   Farmers’ Income in next   Act and this is likely to bring   in vegetables and 3 m MTs   find out specific difficulties
          for propagate customized   easy availability of credit to   five years - followed which   about 25 m Ha of fallow land   in fruits.  By reducing yield   related to specific products.
          fertilizers to be used according   a larger section of small and   was moderated by AK   under arable segment. He   gaps, India has good scope   Rules and regulations related
          to assessment of nutrient   marginal farmers. One of   Bhattacharya, Editorial   also advised that land labour   for boosting external trade   to agriculture need to be
          deficiency in soils. As against   the ideas mooted was that   Director, Business Standard.    resources of farmers should be   in several horticulture items,   revisited. As an example he
          the costly proposition of   in order to woo the youth   The speakers were Tajmul   pooled into a company.  he mentioned. He mentioned   quoted that (a) the farmer is
          soil reclamation, Pattanayak   back into agriculture sector   Haque, Chairman, Special Cell   Dr JS Sandhu mentioned   the constraints in agriculture   poor since input cost is higher
          advocated road side plantings.   in rural areas, infrastructure   on Land Policy, Niti Ayog,   that seed can play an   as low investments, small   than output realization and (b)
          The need for movement   needs to be developed in   Dr JS Sandhu, DDG, Crop   important role in increasing   land holdings, inconsistent   India Pesticides Act provides
          for diversification towards   villages while supply chain   Sciences, Pawanexh Kohli,   income of farmers. Quality   trade policy, price volatility   for domestic authorities
          cultivation of high value   logistics can be in cities. Also,   Chief Advisor & CEO NCCD   seed helps in increasing   and non tariff barriers. As   decided on what would be
          horticulture crops was also   boosting e-commerce will   and RG Agarwal, Chairman,   production by 20%. Hybrid   way forward Joshi mentioned   bought by overseas buyer.
          stressed. One of the major   augment retailing sector.  For   Dhanuka Agritech.  seeds are required if optimal   smart agriculture (efficient,   By 2030 apart from human
          shift could also be towards   skills up gradation facilities,   The discussions in the   levels of seed replacement rate   sustainable and eco friendly);   population India will also
          livestock arena where value   100 Krishi Vikas Kendras   session were centered on the   are to be reached. Efficient   smart funding by financial   have to provide quality food
          added in milk per unit far   are being converted to Skills   question whether in next five   use of nutrients was also   institutes to FPOs and smart   and feed to an almost equal
          exceeds any other product.   Development Centers.   years, farmers’ income can be   mentioned as an important   policies (convergence). She   number of cattle population.
          Therefore, development of   Pattanayak also mentioned   doubled.  This is especially   issue by citing the example   also mentioned that focus   Sardana mentioned the
          goatery, piggery etc need   during deliberations that   important since in the last   that if phosphate is required   should be on RTAs/FTAs.  following four action points:
          to be taken up on a larger   along with conventional   twenty years the average   for use on wheat crop, it is   Radha Mohan Singh,   a)  Revisiting all laws and
          scale. Pattanayak also cited   agricultural activity, farmers   growth has been recorded at   not required for rice – hence   Minister of Agriculture   regulations of SAUs/R&D
                                                                                 for rice use of phosphate   addressed the participants   Institutions
                                                                                 needs to be curtailed.  Dr   by recounting the various   b)  Review of infrastructure
                                                                                 Sandhu stated that in order   developmental activities   requirements
                                                                                 improve production , one   performed by the Government   c)  Relook at GST provisions
                                                                                 of the means could be use   during the last three years.    as these do not apply to
                                                                                 of cross pollinated crops   He mentioned that 75 Crore   APMCs
                                                                                 and accelerated use of new   farmers have been registered   d)  Redefining technology use
            Editor                            ADVERTISING SALES OFFICES          technologies  e.g. bio fortified   on the farmer portal of the
            SYED JAFAR NAQVI                                                     varieties  and some portions   Ministry and most farmers   Ms Arpita Mukherjee,
            Hon. Consulting Editor            New Delhi: +91-11-64519106 /       of funds allocated to health   are now using Soil Health   Prof. ICRIER mentioned
            T.V. SATYANARAYANAN               29535593 / 65655264                sector can be utilized as   Cards. But budget has been   about the systems of
            VIJAY SARDANA              subsidy in this area since   increased; in 18000 villages   export of organic produce
            Chief Co-ordinator                Mumbai:  9702903993                bio fortified varieties have   separate feeder for irrigation   and the need for multiple
                                                                                                                                 certification agencies e.g.
                                                                                                         has been put in place, the
                                                                                 health benefits to consumers.
            M.B. NAQVI                            Varieties with low Glysomic   corpus fund for 16-17 has   export certification procedure
            Hon. Advisors                                                        index are beneficial to   been double to Rs 40000   for Groundnut (APEDA and
            Ms. RADHA SINGH (IAS)             Pune: 9881137397                   diabetics. Genome editing   crs for implementation of   EIC) and Organic products
            Dr. H P Singh                           technology can also benefit the   projects. Massive increase has   (APEDA & Laboratories).
            Mr. KISHAN BIR CHAUDHARY                                             farmers, he quipped.    been registered in the areas   Arjun Uppal, Crop Affairs,
                                                                                    Pawanexh Kohli affirmed
            Mr. G. CHANDRASEKHAR              Chennai: 9941130277                that the farmers’ income   under micro irrigation. Neem   DCM, Shriram Limited spoke
                                                                                                                                 about the fear of technology
                                                                                                         coated urea is being used
            Mr. PAWANEXH KOHLI              can be doubled if targets are   by farmers and there is no   as a serious concern area
            Production & Marketing Head                                          prioritized.  He mentioned   dearth of urea now; 383 FPOs   quoting example of Bt
            SYED M KAUSAR                     Punjab: 09313088209                that if produce is linked to the   have been registered; 7 lakh   Cotton. He mentioned that  if
            Layout & Design                                                      market it results in manifold   Joint Liability groups have   productivity is good farmer
            FAIYAZ AHMAD                                                         increase in income to farmers.    been created; up gradation   is always willing to buy
                                                                                 He mentioned that there is   of APMC Model Act. He also   costly seeds. About contract
            Admn. & Marketing Office                                             need to build arterial road   mentioned that for onion,   farming, he mentioned that
            MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.                                                connections in rural farm areas   potato and pomegranate   there is demand  to bring
            J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,                                 for carrying agro produce   price stabilization fund has   in law but felt this may not
            IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068                                         because what matters is not   been vast utilized; pulses   be necessary since there is a
                                                                                                                                 mutual agreement between
                                                                                 how much is produced but
                                                                                                         production has been increased
            Phone : 91-11-64519106, 29535593, 65655264                           how much is delivered to the   from 16 m tones to 22 m tones;   the two parties which has been
            E-mail :                            end use. He also cited that in   Market Intervention Scheme is   working fine .
            Web. :                                             Farmer Producer Companies   being used by states like UP,   Mr. Ramesh Chand,
                                                                                 (FPOs) there is a lacuna that   MP etc The scheme is used   Member Niti Ayog in his
            SUBSCRIPTION                                                         farmers are clubbed but not   for products where there is no   special address answered
            India : 1 Year : Rs. 500/-  by normal post       2 Years : Rs. 950/-  by normal post  their land. This anomaly needs   MSP but production is high   some of the questions
                        1 Year : Rs. 800/-  by courier                2 Years : Rs. 1550/-  by courier  to be corrected.  which causes fall in prices.   that emanated during
            Overseas :  US$ 120 / Euro 90 for 1 Year        US$ 230 / Euro 175  for 2 Years   RG Agarwal in his   Under this scheme Rs 200 cr   the deliberations. He also
            Single Copy Cost in India : Rs. 50/-                                 address stressed that water   has been disbursed during   mentioned that Niti Ayog
                                                                                 harvesting at panchayat level
                                                                                                         2016-17 and Rs 250 Cr till
                                                                                                                                 is consulting various state
            Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10                                cooperatives is required. He   now during 2017-18. Singh   governments on the matter of
            (Add 5% GST)                                                         emphasized that the direction   also mentioned the launch of   GM crops.
                                                                                 of subsidies needs to improve.   KISAN SAMPADA scheme
                                                                                    He also mentioned that   implemented by the Ministry
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