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News                                                                                      AgriTech indiA  november & december 2017        3

          Led by rice and pulses, rabi                                           Tata Chem exits fertiliser

          acreage up 18.5% to 163 lakh                                           business, sells Haldia plant to

          hectares                                                               Indorama for Rs. 375 cr

              aking up for the shortfall   Among  pulses,  gram,  whose                                  (Di  Ammonium  Phosphate)   move  forward  on  its  strategy
          Min    rice   and   pulses   area  under  cultivation,  went                                   and    NPK     (Nitrogen,   to focus on speciality chemicals
          cultivation   during   kharif,   up to 47.2 lakh ha from 32.93                                 Phosphorous,  and  Potash)   and  consumer  food  business,
          farmers  have  increased  area   lakh ha last year, accounted for                              fertilisers,   sulphuric   acid,   while  maintaining  leadership
          under  these  two  important   the maximum acreage.                                            phosphoric   acid,   sodium   in   inorganic   chemicals
          food crops during the current   There  is  a  nearly  6.5  per                                 tripolyphosphate   crop   business, he added.
          rabi  season,  according  to  the   cent increase in the area under                            nutrition.                 In   September,   Tata
          sowing  data  released  by  the   wheat  cultivation  too.  Wheat                                 Production  of  phosphatic   Chemicals  entered  into  talks
          Agriculture Ministry.  is  being  grown  on  27.39  lakh                                       fertiliser  at  Haldia  plant  was   with   Indorama   Holdings
            The total area sown during   ha compared to 25.72 lakh ha                                    suspended for the entire June   BV,  Netherlands  (subsidiary
          the  current  rabi  season  has   last year.                                                   quarter  due  to  lower  sales   of   Indorama   Corporation,
          gone up to 163.25 lakh hectares   There  is,  however,  a  dip         R Mukundan, Managing    volume and higher input cost.  Singapore)  for  selling  its
          (ha),  nearly  19  per  cent  more   in  the  area  under  oilseeds.   Director, Tata Chemicals   The  delay  in  subsidy   phosphatic  fertiliser  business
          than the 137.72 lakh ha covered   Against  42.14  lakh  ha  in  the   under cultivation with the total   receivable   from   the   at Haldia along with fertiliser
          during   the   corresponding   previous  season,  the  area  so   area  covered  so  far  going  up   ata  Chemicals  has  exited   government  is  one  of  the   trading  business  for  Rs.  400-
          period  last  year.  Pulses  and   far  covered  is  40.94  lakh  ha,   to  23.41  lakh  ha  as  compared   Tfrom its troubled fertiliser   reasons  for  Tata  Chemicals   500 crore.
          rice accounted for much of this   the Ministry said.  to  19.17  lakh  ha  during  the   business  with  the  sale  of  its   to  quit  fertiliser  business.  As   The   board   of   Tata
          increase.                 The   predominant   rabi   previous  rabi  season.  Jowar   phosphatic fertilisers business   of  June  quarter,  the  subsidy   Chemicals   accepted   the
            The  area  under  pulses   oilseed  crops  —  mustard  &   accounted  for  much  of  this   to  IRC  Agrochemicals,  a   receivable  by  Tata  Chemicals   recommendations   made
          stood  at  63.79  lakh  ha,  which   rapeseed — have been planted   increase.  subsidiary of Indorama, for Rs.   from the government is about   by  committee  of  directors
          is  40  per  cent  more  than  the   on over 37.05 lakh ha compared   The area under winter rice   375 crore.  Rs. 1,101 crore.  Tata   for  the  sale  of  phosphatic
          previous  rabi  season’s  45.48   to 38.41 lakh ha last season.  cultivation  recorded  48  per   The   transaction   will   Chemicals   sold   its   urea   fertiliser   trading   business
          lakh ha. Most of this increase                 cent  increase  to  7.73  lakh  ha   involve  transfer  of  its  Haldia   business  at  Babrala  in  Uttar   on  a  going  concern  basis  to
          has  been  in  Madhya  Pradesh   Coarse cereals rise  whereas  the  acreage  during   plant with production capacity   Pradesh  to  the  Indian  unit   IRC  Agrochemicals  subject
          which  has  planted  pulses   Coarse  cereals  registered   the  corresponding  period  last   of about 1.2 million tonnes per   of   Norway-based   Yara   to  regulatory  approvals.  The
          on  an  additional  20  lakh  ha.   a 22  per  cent increase in  area   year was 5.22 lakh ha.  annum,  working  capital  and   International  for  Rs.  2,670   speciality  chemical  business
                                                                                 product brands but excluding   crore.           of  Tata  Chemicals  includes
                                                                                                            R  Mukundan,  Managing
          Farmers throng markets in Gujarat                                      outstanding subsidy amounts,   Director, Tata Chemicals, said   sodium  bicarbonate  business,
                                                                                 it added.
                                                                                    The  plant  produces  DAP
          with huge quantities of groundnut                                                              the  company  continues  to   subsidiary.
                                 process.  The  only  concern  is   market price.
                                 that payment should be made   “The  delay  in  payment  is
                                 quickly to make it easy for the   mainly because of the multiple
                                 farmers,”  said  Chandrakant   layers  of  scrutiny  of  goods
                                 Dalsania,   a   farmer   from   and  warehousing  processes.
                                 Lakhtar in Jamnagar district.  But  that  is  well  understood
                                                         by the farmers. The maximum
                                 Procurement centers     quantity any farmer can sell at
            rocurement  of  groundnut   However,   looking   at   the procurement price is fixed
          Pby   State   agencies   is   the  increased  arrivals  and   at  2,009  kg  per  hectare,”  said
          progressing at a snail’s pace in   huge  quantities  of  the  crop,   an  official  at  a  procurement
          Gujarat, with farmers queuing   the   government   increased   agency.
          up  with  large  quantities  of   the  number  of  procurement
          their crop, even as the market   centers  from  106  to  123.
          prices  continue  to  remain   However,   currently   about
          below the support price of Rs.   88  centers  are  active  for
          4,500 per quintal.     procurement.
            As  per  the  data  provided   According  to  sources  at
          by  the  State  agencies,  since   the  procurement  agencies,
          October  25,  10,034  tonnes  of   as  much  as  3.2-lakh  tonnes
          groundnut  were  procured  at   of  groundnut  is  likely  to  be
          the support price levels.  procured  during  the  season,
            This   is   much   lower   which  is  higher  compared  to
          compared to the daily arrivals   2.1-lakh  tonnes  procured  last
          of  groundnut  in  the  range  of   year.
          Rs.  3,500-  Rs.  5,000  tonnes  at   However,  those  farmers
          key markets, including Rajkot   who are in immediate need of
          and Gondal.            money and prefer to sell their
            “The   procurement   is   crop  in  the  open  market,  get
          progressing well, but the wait   lesser  amount  than  the  MSP.
          is  very  long.  We  have  sold   The  market  rate  for  different
          about 4,800 kg of groundnut at   variety  of  groundnut  hovers
          the Jodiya procurement center   between  Rs.  3,500-  Rs.  4,250
          two days ago. The payment is   per quintal.
          expected within a week or 10   Currently,   apart   from
          days.                  procurement     agencies,
            “Payment   is   pending   stockists  have  entered  the
          even for those who sold at the   market  to  stock  groundnut,
          beginning of the procurement   taking advantage of the lower

          Global black tea

          shortage looms

                                 million kg (mkg) from 1594.17
                                 mkg  in  the  corresponding
                                 period of 2016,” Rajesh Gupta,
                                 compiler of annual ‘Global Tea
                                 Digest’, told.
                                    This  fall  of  49.12  mkg
                                 marked  a  decline  of  3.08  per
                                 cent.  India  continued  to  top
                                 the global black tea production
              ith major tea producing   table  at  912.55  mkg  but  this
          Wcountries    including   was 10.72 mkg less than 2016
          India, Kenya, Bangladesh and   as  adverse  weather  affected
          Uganda  reporting  a  lower   the  crop  in  North  East  India.
          output  so  far  this  calendar   Kenya lost the highest volume
          compared  to  the  same  period   of 43.11 mkg to bad weather to
          of 2016, the world tea market   produce  303.55  mkg.  Uganda
          seems  to  be  heading  for  a   lost 8.24 mkg to produce 23.75
          shortage  of  the  Crush-Tear-  mkg. Bangladesh lost 3.61 mkg
          Curl  (CTC)  variety  of  black   to produce 39.50 mkg.
            “According   to   our   For Advertisements in
          compilation  of  the  latest   AGRITECH INDIA
          data  gathered  from  various   Newspaper
          producing countries, the global
          black tea production so far this   Please contact:
          calendar  has  fallen  to  1545.05   011-29535593, 64519106
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