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          M&M profit up 25% on strong tractor sales                                                      Rs. 54.10 crore (Rs. 45.98 crore)   net profit of Rs. 100.21 crore on
                                                                                                                                 revenue of Rs. 583.24 crore for
                                                                                                         and leasing Rs. 72.62 crore (Rs.
                                                                                                         65 crore).              the quarter ended September,
              ahindra and Mahindra’s                     economy  adjusts  to  the  GST   inflow  of  new  orders  which   Commenting   on   the   a company statement said.
          Mstandalone  profit  after                     implementation,”  M&M  said   highlights   customers’   company’s  performance,  M   The  country’s  first  state-
          tax  for  the  quarter  ended                  in a statement.         continued   faith   in   our   R  Jaishankar,  CMD,  said:   owned  listed  shipbuilder  and
          September  30,  rose  24.8  per                                        execution   capabilities   and   “The growth in revenues and   repairer  had  reported  a  net
          cent  to  Rs.  1,331.57  crore   150  cars  that  M&M  will  be   MRF profit down 22%  product  quality,”  said  Vivek   profits reflects the strong array   profit  of  Rs.  109.02  crore  and
          compared  with  Rs.  1,067.03   providing  for  the  phase-1  of   Chennai:  Leading  tyre   Chaand Sehgal, Chairman.  of  projects  that  the  group  is   revenue  of  Rs.  541.80  crore
          crore  last  year,  backed  by   the contract.  maker MRF has reported a 22                    marketing. This is despite the   during  the  same  period  last
          improved tractor sales.   “The  decision  on  our  bid   per cent drop in its net profit   Sobha profit surges 43%  challenging market conditions   year.
            Revenue  from  operations   for  the  remaining  5,000  cars   at Rs. 300 crore for the quarter   Bengaluru:  Sobha  Ltd   and  significant  change  in   For the six months ended
          for the second quarter was at   will  depend  on  our  ability  to   ended  September  30,  2017,   has  posted  43.30  per  cent   regulations.  Our  sales  has   September,  Cochin  Shipyard
          Rs.  12,182.07  crore,  while  it   bring down our costs further.   when  compared  with  a  profit   higher  profit  at  Rs.  50.3  crore   seen marginal increase in both   posted a net profit of Rs. 191.36
          stood at Rs. 11,446.14 crore in   We  are  yet  to  take  a  decision   of Rs. 385 crore in a year-ago   for  the  second  quarter  on   volume and value.”  crore on revenue of Rs. 1,139.49
          the same period last fiscal.  on that,” said Pawan Goenka,   period,  on  the  back  of  lower   consolidated basis against Rs.   crore against Rs. 190 crore and
            Revenue  from  operations   Managing Director, M&M.  topline.   Its   profit   before   35.1 crore recorded in the same   Cochin Shipyard profit  Rs. 954.98 crore a year earlier.
          for  the  quarter  under  review   The overall auto sales stood   exceptional items and tax stood   period last year. Income from   Mumbai:   State-owned
          was  at  Rs.  12,182.07  crore,   at 1,37,524 units, growing 9 per   at  Rs.  441  crore  against  Rs.   operations  is  also  higher  by   Cochin Shipyard Ltd posted a   Courtesy: BusinessLine
          while it stood at Rs. 11,446.14   cent year-on-year.  566  crore.  Raw  material  costs   19.12 per cent to Rs. 657.8 crore
          crore  in  the  same  period   In   Q2   FY2018,   the   were higher at Rs. 2,198 crore   (Rs. 552.2 crore). EPS stood at
          last  fiscal.  The  figures  are   domestic   tractor   industry   against  Rs.  1,915  crore.  Other   Rs. 5.22 against Rs. 3.97.  Usage of bio-pesticides
          not  comparable  due  to  GST   grew  37  per  cent  compared   income  fell  significantly  to   J C Sharma, Vice Chairman
                                                                                    “The  sales  volume  and  growing at a faster
          implementation from July, the   to  the  Q2  previous  year.  In   Rs. 69 crore from Rs. 122 crore   and Managing Director, said:
          company said in a BSE filing.  Q2 FY2018, normal monsoons   in  Q2  of  previous  fiscal.  Its
            The company’s board also   helped  in  boosting  the  rural   finance costs were marginally   5.6  per  cent  and  8.3  per  cent  pace than chemical
                                                                                 total  sales  value  are  up  by
          approved a bonus issue in the   sentiment  and  demand  for   higher  at  Rs.  60  crore  (Rs.  63
          ratio of 1:1.          tractors.  Normal  monsoons   crore).  Total  revenues  stood   respectively   as   compared   variety
            M&M’s   UV   segment   and increase in  MSPs  of  both   at  Rs.  3,591  crore  (Rs.  3,615   to   preceding   quarter.
          sales  in  the  domestic  market   Kharif & Rabi crops are likely   crore).  Additionally, the sales volume
          grew  17.7  per  cent  in  the   to  maintain  the  positive  rural    is  marginally  higher  and
          quarter  to  61,516  units  in  the   sentiment.  Motherson Sumi net up  total sales value is up by 22.5
          quarter  compared  with  the   M&M’s  farm  equipment   New  Delhi:  Automotive   per  cent  as  compared  to  Q2
          same  quarter  last  year.  The   sector  grew  31.2  per  cent   components   manufacturer   FY17.”
          company  sold  the  highest   in  terms  of  volumes  with   Motherson   Sumi   Systems
          number  of  Scorpio  vehicles   80,967 units sold this quarter,   (MSSL) reported consolidated   Brigade net leaps
          since  its  launch  in  September   compared  with  61,707  units   net  profit  of  Rs.  593  crore  for   Bengaluru:   Brigade
          2017 and has strengthened the   sold last year.  the  second  quarter  ended   Enterprises  has  posted  37.99
          UV  portfolio  with  the  launch   On   the   outlook,   the   September,  up  24  per  cent   per  cent  higher  profit  at  Rs.
          of  T10  version  of  the  SUV   company said that while India   compared   with   Rs.   480   41.62  crore  on  unaudited
          TUV300  in  September  2017   remains  one  of  the  fastest   crore  in  the  same  period  last   consolidated basis against Rs.
          and the new KUV100 NXT in   growing  major  economies  in   year.  Owing  to  growth  in   30.16  crore.  The  company’s
          October 2017.          the world, the pace of economic   global  sales,  the  company’s   income from operations is also
            In the quarter, M&M also   growth in recent quarters has   consolidated   revenue   also   higher by 8.76 per cent to Rs.   ven  as  the  Maharashtra
          managed to come out as the L2   remained below its potential.  grew at Rs. 13,338 crore during   499.47 crore against Rs. 459.24  Egovernment   grapples   Integrated pest control
          bidder for the world’s largest   “Growth  momentum  is   the quarter, up 40 per cent as   crore  in  the  same  period  last   with  farmers’  deaths  and   Agriculture   consultant
          electric  car  tender  floated   likely  to  witness  a  cyclical   compared  with  Rs.  10,213.79   year. EPS stood at Rs. 3.01 (Rs.   injuries due to their exposure   Jagadeesh  Sunkad  says  new
          by  EESL  but  remained  non-  bounce  back  once  the  effects   crore  in  July-September  last   2.53).  Segment  revenue:  real   to  chemical  pesticides,  data   pesticides  of  biological  origin
          committal in opting to supply   of some of the recent transient   year.  estate Rs. 361.18 crore (last year   from  the  Union  Ministry  of   coupled   with   integrated
          any vehicles beyond the initial   factors  fade  away  and  the   “We   witnessed   strong   Rs.  341.29  crore),  hospitality   Agriculture  show  a  more   pest  management  are  the
                                                                                                         positive  all-India  trend,  with   most  relevant  alternatives  to
                                                                                                         the  usage  of  bio-pesticides   chemical pesticides. However,
                                                                                                         across  the  country  rising   it is still a commercial challenge
                                                                                                         faster  than  that  of  chemical   to educate farmers and deliver
                                                                                                         pesticides.             results on matters of yield and
                                                                                                            Between 2010-11 and 2016-  production, he said.
                                                                                                         17,  usage  of  bio-pesticides   Integrated   pest
                                                                                                         increased by 23 per cent, while   management is a wide-ranging
                                                                                                         that  of  chemical  pesticides   approach that aims to suppress
                                                                                                         grew only 2 per cent.   pests’  populations  below  the
                                                                                                            Data from the Directorate   economic injury level.
                                                                                                         of Plant Protection, Quarantine
                                                                                                         &  Storage,  Union  Ministry   Chemical toppers
                                                                                                         of  Agriculture  &  Farmers   The  numbers  point  to
                                                                                                         Welfare, show that in 2010-11   another  important  fact  —
                                                                                                         the  all-India  consumption  of   Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh,
                                                                                                         bio-pesticide was 5,151 tonnes,   and  Uttar  Pradesh  are  major
                                                                                                         which  has  increased  to  6,340   guzzlers of chemical pesticides
                                                                                                         tonnes for 2016-17.     in the country.
                                                                                                            Although the numbers for   In  2010-11,  Maharashtra’s
                                                                                                         2016-17  are  provisional,  they   share  was  14  per  cent  of  the
                                                                                                         indicate  a  definite  upward   total  consumption  of  55,540
                                                                                                         trend.  Moreover,  chemical   tonnes, while Andhra Pradesh
                                                                                                         pesticides consumption is seen   was  a  tad  higher  at  about  16
                                                                                                         rising only incrementally, from   per  cent,  and  Uttar  Pradesh
                                                                                                         55,540 tonnes to 57,000 tonnes   was at 15 per cent.
                                                                                                         for the period under review.  In  2016-17,  out  of  the
                                                                                                            Unlike chemical pesticides,   total   chemical   pesticide
                                                                                                         which are made from industrial   consumption of 57000 tonnes,
                                                                                                         chemicals,  bio-pesticides  are   Maharashtra’s   consumption
                                                                                                         derived  from  plant  extracts,   was 13,496 tonnes (23 per cent),
                                                                                                         fungi, bacteria, protozoans and   while Uttar Pradesh consumed
                                                                                                         minerals.  They  are  used  for   10,142 tonnes (18 per cent) and
                                                                                                         crop protection and are found   Andhra  Pradesh’s  total  use
                                                                                                         to be benign for both humans   (including  Telangana)  was
                                                                                                         and the environment.    5,724 tonnes (10 per cent).
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