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          Monthly      ISSUE                                                                             Vol. 8  Issue 7 & 8    Nov. & Dec. 2017     ` 50/-

          india faces ‘food                              Business standard

          security’ hurdle                               agriculture round taBle 2017

          in Wto                                         – Vinod Kumaar Kaul

                                 produce  are  coming  up  with                                          table will pave the way for   materialize into a huge boost
                                 various proposals to dilute the                                         government’s objective of   in production. Pattanayak
                                 provision.                                                              doubling of farmers’ income   further mentioned that the
                                    “This  is  unacceptable  to                                          by the year 2022- the 75    long pending 99 irrigation
                                 both India and other members                                            year of India’s independence.     projects are targeted to be
                                 of  the  G-33  group  as  the                                           Towards this end, while State   completed soonest. With the
                                 livelihood of our farmers and                                           Agriculture Universities are   anticipated completion of
                                 poor  depends  on  our  public                                          playing the part, the Niti   30 projects within the next
                                 stockholding  programmes,”  a                                           Aayog is also playing a stellar   2-3 years additional 7.6 m
                                 government official told.                                               role towards achieving the   ha land will come under
                                    Food  purchases  at  fixed                                           objectives of the 7 point road   irrigation. Many states have
                                 prices   or   administered                                              map set by the Prime Minister.   commenced water harvesting,
                                 prices  (such  as  the  minimum                                         Of the 143 m ha of arable   thus helping in water
                                 support price programme) are                                            land in the country 45% only   conservation for availability
                                 considered  to  be  subsidies  at   usiness Standard   produce and large wastages.   has access to water while   during lean season. Gujarat
           ndia’s   demand   for   a   the WTO and counted towards   conducted an   He mentioned that the need   the balance 55% is totally   in particular and Bagalkot
          Ipermanent     solution   the  country’s  overall  ceiling   BAgriculture Round   of the day is value addition   dependent on monsoons for   district in Karnataka were
                                                                                                         irrigation purposes. Therefore
                                                                                                                                 cited as areas where drip
          on   public   stockholding   on  trade-distorting  support   Table 2017 at the NASC   of farm produce for better   our strategies need to focus   and sprinkler irrigation has
          subsidies  at  the  World  Trade   (fixed  at  10  per  cent  of  value   Complex, New Delhi on   quality preservation and   on this valuable input and   been resorted to on a massive
          Organization   (WTO)   is   of  produce  for  developing   24  October, 2017. Shyamal   realization and also to shift   target bringing larger tracts   scale. This system has an
          being  challenged  by  several   countries).   Majumdar, Editor, Business   from production of cereals to   of rainfed land areas under   advantage of reducing the
          members,  including  Canada,                   Standard, in his opening   horticulture.        irrigation mechanism. As   cost of production of produce
          the EU and the US, which are   G-33’s demands  remarks mentioned that     S.K. Pattanayak,     per FAO as compared to   and productivity increase.
          insisting on stiffer safeguards,   India and the G-33 group   in India the farmers have   Secretary Agriculture,   rainfed land, irrigation   Pattanayak also mentioned
          restricted  product  coverage   of  62  developing  countries   fragmented land holdings   Government of India  in his   leads to enhancement of   that there is a vast 23% yield
          and a linkage with pruning of   have  been  protesting  against   and this leads to problems   address mentioned that the   production by 2% and thus in
          overall domestic support.  the  provision,  which  goes   related to consolidation of   deliberations at the round   the Indian context this could   ...Continued on P4
            “As  the  deadline  for   against food security in poorer
          coming  up  with  a  permanent   countries.  A  decision  on  an
          solution   at   the   WTO   interim  solution  was  taken  at
          Ministerial Meeting is drawing   the  Bali  Ministerial  meet  in
          near,   developed   countries   December 2013. It was decided
          and  also  some  developing   that  no  penalties  would  be
          nations   exporting   farm          ...Continued on P7

          Bill Gates calls for

          hiGher productiVity,


          inteGration in


                                 a  recipe  that  can  transform
                                 India’s   economy   includes
                                 inclusive growth to lift people
                                 out  of  poverty  and  produce
                                 enough  nutritious  food  to
                                 support  a  healthy  and  well-
                                 educated labour force, he said.
                                    He  was  addressing  the
          Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N   valedictory  of  the  three-day
          Chandrababu Naidu presents a   AP AgTech Summit 2017. The
          ‘Bobbili Veena’ memento to Microsoft   huge  make-shift  auditorium
          founder Bill Gates at the valedictory   was packed in the afternoon as
          of AP AgTech Summit 2017 in   delegates  occupied  seats  well
                                 before the valedictory began.
            etter   seeds,   improved   Bill  Gates,  who  is  a  Co-
          Blivestock  breeds,  access   Chair  of  Bill  and  Melinda
          to  markets  and  tech-based   Gates  Foundation,  felt  that
          agri  services  could  hold  the   the  country  should  focus  on
          key  for  improving  the  lot  of   increasing  the  productivity
          smallholder farmers and dairy   of  smallholder  farmers  and
          farmers, according to Microsoft   connect them to markets.
          Founder Bill Gates.
            The  vital  ingredients  of       ...Continued on P9
       Inside Stories

             M&M profit up 25% on strong tractor sales
             Tata Chem exits fertiliser business, sells
             Haldia plant to Indorama for Rs. 375 cr
             Hatsun Agro’s bulk cooling system, a boon
             for farmers
             Helping farmers reap the benefits of tech

             Odisha govt. scrambles to assess crop loss
             Loan waiver is not the solution
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