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News                                                                                                      AgriTech indiA  May 2017        9

          “We are Coming in With                                                 industry  at  an  affordable
          hanDpiCkeD proDuCts”                                                   encourage sustainable farming
          Husqvarna launches Outdoor Power Products in India                     in  the  Indian  agro  industry
          – Rajesh Raghavan, Managing Director, Husqvarna India                  power  tools  with  higher  fuel
                                                                                 efficiency  which  will  help  in
                                           – Report by Sarathamani Devi from Chennai  reducing the cost of operations
                                                                                 by    adopting   greener
                                                         different  markets.  In  India,   technology. One key aspect of
                                                         we  are  committed  to  helping   Husqvarna’s  investment  in  a
                                                         our  customers  increase  their   subsidiary business in India is
                                                         productivity  and  improving   to ensure the spare parts and
                                                         their  standard  of  living.  Our   technical  support  required  to
                                                         strategy  going  forward  is  to   ensure  Husqvarna  products
                                                         work  towards  increasing  our   perform  to  the  expectations
                                                         market  share  and  to  expand   of the end users long after the
                                                         our portfolio to include various   initial purchase is made.
                                                         new  categories  from  our
                                                         global  portfolio.  Husqvarna’s
          (L-R) Stephen Clark, Director, Product and Marketing, APAC Region, Glen   team  of  experts  have  worked
          Instone, Director, Global Sales and Service, Pavel Hajman, President,   together  in  mapping  out  the
          Husqvarna Division, Rajesh Raghavan, MD and Country Manager, India
                                                         potential from the robust and
               usqvarna,  a  world   the fastest growing markets for   well  proven  machines  in  the
               leader   in   forestry   us. Our products are especially   launch  range  to  the  newest
          Hand         landscaping   engineered  for  tough  market   products  using  cutting  edge
          equipment   is   launching   conditions like India, enabling   technologies  such  as  battery
          their  array  of  outdoor  power   users  to  handle  sturdy  jobs   and  robotic  machines.  We
          products   and   innovative   efficiently.  We  are  coming  in   are  also  looking  into  how
          solutions  for  forest,  park  and   with  handpicked  products   Husqvarna’s   technical
          garden  care  in  India.  The   and  are  growing  a  network   solutions  can  be  utilized  in
          Swedish  brand  which  has   of  dealers  to  make  sure  the   India  to  support  professional
          already  carved  a  niche  in   right product reaches the right   landscapers.”
          100  countries  for  more  than   consumer  at  the  right  time.   The  Global  Forest  and
          325  years,  offers  a  robust   Learning  from  the  challenges   Garden  market  is  growing
          range  of  quality  products   faced  by  global  forest  and   steadily.  Over  the  last  five
          that are best suited for Indian   landscaping  industries,  we   years,  the  market  value  is
          conditions.  Husqvarna  aims   believe  we  can  offer  the  best   estimated  to  have  increased
          to  bring  an  ease  of  access  to   to the Indian professional and   around three percent per year.
          modern engineering and help   corporate  sectors  with  our   The  addressable  market  for
          in  boosting  the  productivity   efficient  power  equipment,”   forest and garden products in
          with  their  diverse  range  of   said   Rajesh   Raghavan,   regions  and  segments  where
          products.              Managing Director, Husqvarna   Husqvarna  Group  is  active  is
            The  Swedish  brand  has   India during the launch.   estimated to be SEK 185billion
          established  an  Indian  entity   India  is  one  of  the  fastest   (INR 1352 bn.)
          based  out  of  Chennai  to   growing markets and holds a   Husqvarna  manufactures
          cater to the needs of the sub-  tremendous growth potential.   high-end  power  products  in
          continent.  Based  on  a  careful   The   estimated   combined   specific  areas  like  Chainsaws,
          understanding  of  the  market,   market size of the industry is   Brush   Cutters,   Trimmers,
          the brand comes in with a range   INR 3000 crores. The company   Blowers,  Misters,  Sprayers,
          of  products  from  the  global   is  expecting  a  market  growth   Ride-on mowers, Walk-behind
          portfolio and is also evaluating   of  around  10  percent  for   lawn  mowers,  and  Robotic
          the various solutions that can   premium  hand  held  outdoor   mowers,   amongst   others.
          be offered to the Indian needs.   power tools over the next 3-5   Many  of  these  products  are
          Husqvarna India presently has   years.         available  with  either  petrol
          a  strong  network  of  about  60   Pavel   Hajman,   Global   engines  or  battery  powered
          dealers in the country and this   President,   Husqvarna   motors  which  allow  us  to
          is  expected  to  grow  beyond   Division  said,  “Husqvarna’s   offer  the  right  product  for  a
          100 dealers by the end of 2017.  success around the world has   wide  range  of  applications
            “We  have  evaluated  the   been  earned  because  of  our   and use situations. Husqvarna
          market potential of India and   focus on the customer and on   also  offers  a  wide  range  of
          believe  in  India  being  one  of   meeting  the  needs  of  many   protective clothing, accessories
                                                         and spare parts to support the
                                                         range  and  ensure  the  highest
                                                         performance  throughout  the
                                                         life of the machine.
                                                            Husqvarna   will   focus
                                                         on  ergonomics,  safety  and
                                                         longevity  of  the  product  life.
                                                         The company being an expert
                                                         player  in  outdoor  power
                                                         equipment  is  also  actively
                                                         working  with  the  relevant
                                                         government  ministries  and
                                                         subsidiaries   in   targeting
                                                         various schemes and subsidies
                                                         granted  by  the  government
                                                         to  make  their  cutting-edge
                                                         products  available  for  agro-
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