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News                                                                                                      AgriTech indiA  May 2017        5

          ...Continued from page 1                                               Deepak Fertilisers completes
          Global aGrochem                                                        demerger of core businesses

          Industry In transItIon

                                                                                                         with  effect  from  May  1,  said   incremental   stakeholder
                                                         world renowned agrochemical                     the company in a statement on   value.
                                                         and  equipment  companies                       Friday. As part of the scheme,   The   envisaged
                                                         such   as   Dow   Chemical,                     the   industrial   chemicals,   restructuring  is  also  well
                                                         Shenyang  Sinochem,  Jiangsu                    the  home  lifestyle  and  retail   aligned  with  the  changing
                                                         Renxin, Guangzhou Longi, as                     arm  Ishanya  will  continue  to   economic   and   business
                                                         well as overseas experts from
                                                         Vietnam,  Korea,  Thailand,                     operate under DFPCL.    environment of the country, it
                                                         Malaysia, Argentina etc. were                      The     scheme    of   added.
                                                         other  invitees.    Over  300                   arrangement does not involve   Sailesh  Mehta,  Chairman
                                                         delegates got an idea on how to   Sailesh Mehta, Chairman and   any  exchange  or  issue  of   and   Managing   Director,
                                                         grasp opportunities in the new   MD, Deepak Fertilisers  additional  shares  as  the   Deepak  Fertilisers,  said  the
                                                         environment  and  situation,                    transfer  of  the  undertakings   move is aimed at future growth
                                                         and  boost  the  building  of   eepak   Fertilisers   has  been  undertaken  as  a   and  providing  ample  room
                                                         the   global   agrochemical   Dand   Petrochemicals   wholly-owned  subsidiary  of   to  each  of  the  two  businesses
                                                         preparation   production   Corporation  has  completed   the listed entity.  which has achieved scale and
                                                         equipment industry-chain.  the  process  of  demerging   The  existing  shareholders   geographical spread.
                                                            Ma    Chunyan,   Vice   its  core  business  —  fertiliser   of DFPCL continue to remain   While  shareholders  will
          with their exhibits to conduct   seminars   and   conferences   Chairman  of  CCPIT  Sub-  and   technical   ammonium   unaffected with their economic   remain  unaffected  by  the
          their  business  activities.  The   were held.  Council of Chemical Industry,   nitrate  —  into  a  wholly-  interest as well as their status   scheme  of  arrangement,  they
          exhibition is estimated to have                in her opening speech, hoped   owned  subsidiary  Smartchem   of  shareholding,  said  Deepak   will  benefit  from  enhanced
          drawn  30,000  professional   CAC Awards       that  companies  would  seek   Technologies.    Fertilisers.            focus  on  bringing  higher
          visitors  from  more  than  100   5   CAC  Awards  that   mutual  support  and  remedy   The  National  Company   The  restructuring  aims  to   accountability   to   improve
          countries.             was  organized  as  part  of  the   with respective advantages and   Law  Tribunal  has  recently   enhance  management  focus   performance   across   all
            An    exhibition   hall   event  included  the  categories   build a joint-innovation sharing   approved   the   aforesaid   for  future  growth,  improving   business verticals with building
          dedicated to equipments, Hall   of  top  20  Chinese  Pesticides   platform for the agrochemical   restructuring and the company   operational   efficiency   case for higher investments in
          E7, was new to the CAC events   Exporters,   2016   Oversea   equipment industry-chain and   has filed the NCLT order with   providing impetus to charting   respective business vertical, he
          this year. It had attracted over   Market  Expansion  Award,   create  more  profit  space  for   the  Registrar  of  Companies   growth  plan  and  generating   said.
          300 exhibitors covering drying,   CAC   2017   Recommended   producers and produce higher
          granulation,  vacuum,  valve,   Suppliers  and  2016  Excellent   quality  products  for  world
          metering, and other processes.  Fertilizer   Exporters.   The   agriculture.  Telangana farmers to get free
             A specialized seminar for   results  were  revealed  later  in   Fang  Guorong,  president
          equipment  business  was  also   the day. The awards attracted   of  Jiangsu  Jinwang  Packing
          held  on  Day  1  of  the  event   the  enrollment  of  more  than   Machinery  Technology  Co.,   fertilisers from next year
          to  discuss  the  technological   100 enterprises, and more than   Ltd  elaborated  his  idea  of
          issues as well as the industry   100,000  participants  took  part   “New era of inter-connection,   Announcing  this  here  on   are  reviving  water  tanks
          outlook.               in voting.              Sharing agrochemical sphere.”                   Thursday,  Telangana  Chief   through Mission Kakatiya and
            Zhejiang  province-based   CAC set up Pesticide Zone,   He  said  the  agrochemical          Minister  K  Chandrasekhara   supplying  quality  power  for
          Wynca  had  initiated  the   Fertilizer  Zone  and  Overseas   sphere is bound to become the   Rao  has  asked  the  farmers   nine hours. Even in the peak of
          development  of  pesticides   Pavilion  in  Hall  N1  to  N5  at   cooperative  and  joint-victory   to   form   village   farmers’   summer we are giving quality
          specialized  for  Unmanned   Shanghai  New  International   platform  for  agrochemical        associations  to  prepare  the   power.  We  have  made  plans
          Aircraft  Systems  (UASs),  aka   Expo Centre.   industries-chain.                             detailed list of farmers and the   to fill Nizamsagar with water
          drones,  that  put  more  efforts   The   “Sino-Vietnam   The conference concluded             extent of land they have. These   from Medigadda. We will give
          on pesticide preparations, and   Pesticide Administrations and   with  delegates  saying  that   groups will be asked to ready   water  to  one  crore  acres,”  he
          extended the overseas business   Entrepreneurs  Meeting”  that   they  gained  a  lot  from  the   the  list  with  bank  account   said.
          to  a  broader  geographical   took  place  in  the  Exposition   presentations   by   various   numbers.                 Meanwhile,  the  Bharatiya
          coverage.  A  representative   Center  was  sponsored  by  the   experts   and   in-depth   Telangana Chief Minister   He  was  addressing  a   Janata  Party  has  termed  the
          from  the  company  explained   CAC  fair  sponsor  --  CCPIT   discussions.   K Chandrasekhara Rao  group  of  farmers  that  came   Chief  Minister’s  offer  of  free
          how they adapted to the “zero   Sub-Council   of   Chemistry               bout  55  lakh  farmers   to  meet  him  at  his  residence   fertilisers  as  a  farce.  “While
          growth” policy.        Industry. Another get-together   Future Direction of Pesticide   Ain  Telangana  will  get   to  thank  him  for  completing   they  are  suffering  now,  the
            The state owned Sinochem   was between the Chinese and   Preparations  fertilisers  free  of  cost  from   the loan waiver to the tune of   Chief  Minister  is  saying  they
          took  full  advantage  of  the   Vietnamese  agro  chemical   At the 9  World Academic   the  next  financial  year.  The   Rs.  17,000  crore.  “The  village   will  give  them  money  next
          synergies of its business along   fellows after the 13th (Vietnam)   Meeting  for  the  Development   government   will   deposit   farmers’  associations  must  be   year.  The  government  must
          side  the  industry  chain  of   Chemical   Exhibition,   that   of  Pesticide  Technologies  &   money  directly  into  the  bank   very  strong  and  inclusive  by   come  out  with  that  offer  this
          agrochems, esp. the company’s   aimed  to  strengthen  the  two   Applications,  LengYang,  who   accounts of farmers in the last   providing  representation  to   year itself,” BJP spokesperson
          unique strength in research and   countries’  cooperation  in  the   was  the  key  speaker  said,   week  of  May  well  ahead  of   farmers  from  all  castes,”  he   Krishna Sagar Rao has said in
          development, a representative   agrochemical  field  through   Chinese   administration   of   the  2018  kharif  season.  Each   said.  a statement.
          from Sinochem said.    exchanges.              pesticides is adapting to global   farmer  is  likely  to  get  about   He  said  the  government   “Why  wait  till  the  next
            “Value   addition   of   World   Agrochemical   practices.  “Chinese  pesticide   Rs.  4,000  an  acre.  The  State   was  committed  to  provide   financial year? It’s just 13 days
          agrochem   industry   and   Equipment  Industry  Chain   preparations must respond to   consumes about 25 lakh tonnes   water  to  an  additional  one   into  the  new  financial  year,”
          fertilizer  industry  increased   Sharing Conference  the call of the era and expedite   of fertilisers.  crore  acres  as  promised.  “We   he said.
          by 10.8 percent and 3.6 percent   With  the  agrochemical   the structural adjustment and
          in  2016,  respectively,”  said   industry’s market reform and   technical   innovation,   and
          Jungui  Zhao,  Vice  President,   growth, and in order to better   sharply increase the safely and
          China Petroleum and Chemical   serve the global agrochemical   function level.”
          Industry  Federation  (CPCIF)   preparations enterprise,   Chinese   pesticide
          at  the  welcome  dinner  of  the   The  World  Agrochemical   producers will face the severest
          CAC events.            Equipment   Industry-Chain   regulation in history, including
            “Investment  and  export,   Sharing Conference, organized   regulations  on  food  security,
          the  traditional  driving  force   by  CCPIT  Sub-Council  of   water  source,  atmosphere,
          of the industry, got weakened,   Chemical   Industry,   and   soil, ecological protection, and
          and  the  industry  faced  a   supported by Jiangsu Jinwang   public security. Reviewing the
          structural  problem  instead  of   Packing     technical  development  over
          one of a cyclical nature,” Zhao   Machinery  Co.,  Ltd.  and   the past ten years in the world,
          commented  on  the  chemical   Changhou   Agrochemical   Leng  Yang  summarized  the
          industry. The analysis worked   Sphere  E-business  Co.,  Ltd.,   trends of pesticide preparations
          on the agrochem industry too.  opened  in  the  banquet  hall   as high conductance, low VOC,
            As  is  well  known,  the   in  Jumeirah  Himalayas  Hotel   low  spraying  solution,  anti-
          Global Agrochemical Industry   Shanghai.       drift,  and  smart  release.  Such
          is  restructuring  and  there   This  conference  invited   preparations are both efficient
          are  continuous  mergers  and   Dr.  Qiu  Dewen,  Deputy   and safe.
          acquisitions  and  new  market   Director  General,  Institute   In  a  technical  report
          formations. CAC followed the   of  Plant  Protection  (IPP)   presented  at  the  meeting,
          development  of  agrochemical   of   Chinese   Academy   of   LengYang  said  that  seed
          industry   and   bore   the   Agricultural  Science  (CAAS),   treatment  agent  is  one  hot
          responsibility of building global   Li Jianqiang, Deputy Director,   spot  in  pesticide  preparation
          agrochemical  communication   Graduate  College  of  China   product  development,  and
          platform, by establishing full-  Agricultural   University,   the  future  competition  will
          scale  demonstrating  space,   Zhang   Wenjun,   Director,   be   fiercer.   Another   hot
          promoting   global   trade,   Institute  for  the  Control  of   spot   preparation,   micro-
          technical   communication,   Agrochemicals,  Ministry  of   encapsulate,  will  enter  the
          technical   and   capital   Agriculture  (ICAMA),  and   era  of  large  scale  result
          cooperation,   publishing   Wu  Zhenyi,  Chief  Engineer   transformation.
          policies  and  market  trend.  In   of  Central  Research  Institute   Bio-pesticide  preparations
          the  11   China  International   of  China  Chemical  Science   are evidently another field for
          Forum  on  Development  of   and   Technology   (CRICC).   the  future.  Non-agricultural
          Pesticide  Industry,  experts   Leng   Yang,   Shanghai   products  such  as  sanitary
          from  different  parts  of  the   Pesticide  Research  Institute   drug, industrial mildew-proof,
          world  communicated  with   and   distinguished   guests   fishery and live-stock industry
          500  delegates  on  industry   from  other  leading  research   parasite-pesticide will account
          policies,  trends  and  markets.   institutes,   and   senior   for  15-20%  of  the  pesticide
          Spread over three days, many   executives  of  domestic  and   preparations market.
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