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News                                                                                                      AgriTech indiA  May 2017        3

          lighting up the                                          Mahindra targets horticulture

          seed busIness                                            sector with JIVO tractor

               t  the  2   Seed  Treatment   Crop Science (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., shares   ahindra  &  Mahindra                          tracking.
               Technology   International   the R&D experience of Sipcam Corp.   Mhas  unveiled  a  third                             Starting April 25, these
          ASeminar,      famous   seed   in  seed  coat  agent  preparation.   new tractor platform in three                       tractors will be available only
          treatment  technology  R&D  experts,   Firstly, he introduces the seven main   years  called  the  Mahindra              in Maharashtra and Gujarat
          renowned  enterprise  representatives   factors  to  consider  in  seed  coating   JIVO.  After  focussing  on           owing to the prevalence of
          from  both  home  and  abroad  are   agent  preparation  R&D.  Regarding   powerful  tractors  in  the                   affluent  horticulturists  in
          present  to  jointly  promote  the  seed   seed  coat  agent  preparation,  he   preceding   NOVO   and                  these  States.  Introduction
          treatment  technology,  and  promote   suggests that, “first of all, high-toxic   YUVO platforms, Mahindra               in  Karnataka  and  Madhya
          health  growth  of  croppers.  From   active  ingredient  shall  be  avoided   has  designed  the  JIVO  to              Pradesh will follow suit. The
          microencapsulate for seed treatment to   to  be  used  as  seed  coat  agent  as   penetrate  the  less  than  30        company  also  announced
                                                                   HP  segment.  What  sets
          suspending agent for seed treatment,   much  as  possible”.  Secondly,  the   this  platform  apart  from                their  intention  to  launch
          from  seed  treatment  suspending   film  former  is  the  key  link  in  seed   competitors  is  its  compact   Pawan Goenka (right), MD, M&M Ltd, and Rajesh Jejurikar,   20HP and 2WD tractors on
                                      processing and application (if better
          agent  common-equipment  model-  in  film  formation,  low  in  break-  design aimed at horticulture   President, Farm Equipment Sector, at the launch of JIVO  the same platform aimed at
          selecting  experience  to  how  to  save   off  rate,  little  in  mil-dust,  then   and  row  crop  farming  harvesting  of  sugarcane  significant  step  in  that   other agricultural sectors by
          cost  and  boost  effect  for  your  seed   the  safety  is  higher).  Thirdly,  the   sector.  and cotton.  direction.”  the year-end.
          treatment, the sharing of technology   selection  of  color  syrup  shall  try   The  JIVO  platform  is   Speaking at the launch,   The  tractor  will  be   Rajesh   Jejurikar,
          has become the theme of the 3  Seed   the  best  to  adopt  warning  color,   seeking to target the affluent  Pawan  Goenka,  Managing  priced  at  Rs.  3.9  lakh  and   President, Farm Equipment
          Treatment  Technology  International   to  alert  its  toxicity  and  distinguish   farmers in this category by  Director,   said:   “With  a multi-coloured version is   Sector,  said  that  the  new
          Seminar.                    itself  from  the  seeds  treated  by   providing  a  powerful  yet  innovation  and  technology  at Rs. 4.05 lakh. The higher   tractor would enable higher
            Pesticide  has  become  one  of   pesticide or edible seeds. “He says   compact option. The tractor  as  its  bedrock,  Mahindra  variant  will  be  equipped   power,  performance  and
          the  most  important  agricultural   that, “Seed coat agent market is fast   is  equipped  with  4WD,  is  working  on  redefining  with  Mahindra’s  Digisense   profit for the farmer.
          production  materials,  and  pesticide   developing, and Sipcam Corp. will   Automatic  Depth  &  Draft  the  face  of  farming.  We  technology,   which   JIVO  –  as  its  name
          formulations are the key direction of   guarantee  security  and  drug  effect   Control, 750 kg lift capacity,  have  embarked  on  various  provides the farmer mobile  suggests,  Jejurikar  said,
                                      and  service  by  virtue  of  its  first   improved  fuel  efficiency,  initiatives towards this end  alerts  about  the  tractor’s  aims to bring vitality to the
                                      rate  imported  product.  We  hope   engine power of 24HP and  and  our  recently  launched  performance  and  location  farmer.
                                      to  grasp  the  industry  development   Power Take-off of 22HP. It  Farming   3.0   platform
                                      opportunity  and  provide  high   offers  a  narrower  turning  will  help  in  taking  farm   For Advertisements in
                                      performance  price  ratio  solutions   radius,  making  it  ideal  mechanisation  to  the  next   AGRITECH INDIA Newspaper
          pesticide  development.  “Controlled   and build the ‘Wal-mart of the seed   for  applications  such  as  level.  The  launch  of  the
          release  technique  represents  the   coat agent industry.’”  vineyard   spraying   and  JIVO  platform  is  another   Please contact: 011-29535593, 64519106
          developing  direction  of  modern
          pesticide formulations.” Ms. Xu Yan,
          Beijing  Mindleader  Crop  Science
          Co.,  Ltd.  says  so  at  the  seminar.
          Microencapsulate   has   obvious
          advantage,  and  it  can  ameliorate
          the  physical  properties  of  pesticide,
          and  protect  the  effective  ingredient,
          and  control  its  release,  and  reduce
          the  toxicity,  and  increase  the  effect,
          and  reduce  the  times  of  pesticide
          application,  and  reduce  the  farming
            Oriba  Hu,  Senior  Manager  of
          BASF  Advanced  Chemicals  Co.
          Ltd.  says  that  the  seed  treatment
          technology  is  closely  linked  with
          modern  agriculture.  In  recent  years,
          seed  treatment  suspending  agent
          increases  in  status.  From  powder  to
          solid-state  preparations,  it  turns  to
          seed treatment suspending agent. Data
          indicates  that  seed  treatment  agent
          innovation  technology  has  obtained
          fast  growth,  and  the  agrochemical
          tycoons  are  the  head  sheep  of
          innovation and development.
            In  his  speech,  he  says  that,
          according  to  current  trend  of  seed
          treatment,  the  seed  sales  volume
          will  soon  reach  16~17  billion  RMB
          in  America.  75%  of  the  seeds  sold
          have  undergone  seed  treatment,
          which means the global business of
          seed  treatment  reaches  2.  9  billion
          USD  and  the  global  seed  treatment
          industry will reach 9.8 billion USD by
          2021. Among seed treatment agents,
          the  bactericide  plays  the  vital  role.
          The market share in 2018 reached 1.4
          billion  USD  more  or  less.  In  terms
          of  technique,  the  seed  propelled
          by  global  biological  techniques
          will  more  closely  combine  with
          application of seed treatment agents,
          to fully increase the seed source gene
          advantage  of  the  new  generation
          seeds. The seed treatment agent and
          suspending agent will be dominant.
            As  the  co-sponsor  of  this  seed
          treatment  technology  seminar,  Mr.
          Li Junhu, seed coat agent marketing
          and technology manager of Sipcam
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