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SPECIAL ISSUE: CNCIC - Global Speciality Fertilizer Convention, China
          Monthly                                                                                             Vol. 8  Issue 1         May 2017     ` 50/-

          Don’t enDorse geaC’s                                                   Gm mustard Gets

          “outrageous & anti-                                                    regulator’s approval

          national” approval to                                                  Environmentalists express ‘shock’

          Gm mustard                                                                   enetically   modified
                                                                                       mustard,  which  has
          Prashant Bhushan’s plea to Environment Minister                        Gbeen  at  the  heart  of
                                                                                 a  controversy  for  long,  has
            upreme  Court  advocate   “Unfortunately   and   oversight on this GM mustard,   moved a step closer to reality,
          Sand    social   activist   regrettably,  the  plain  truth  is   which  is  also  an  herbicide   with the GM regulator giving
          Prashant  Bhushan  has  urged   that  decades  of  good  work   tolerant  (GM)  crop.  It  is   its seal of approval.
          Environment  Minister  Anil   already being done by our agri   undoubtedly flawed approval   According  to  a  news
          Dave to withhold his approval   institutions and the DRMR2 in   for  ‘Commercialisation’  by   report   quoting   Amita
          to  the  report  of  the  Genetic   Non-GM  hybrid  technology   the  GEAC.  I  write  to  request   Prasad,  Chairperson,  Genetic
          Engineering   Appraisal   and    superior-yielding   you  to  please  withhold  your   Engineering   Appraisal
          Committee   (GEAC)   that   varieties will be laid waste in   approval  of  such  a  move  on   Committee   (GEAC),   this   on the Supreme Court, which   However, Bt cotton secured the
          gave  its  green  signal  to  GM   this  dangerous  plan  for  the   three grounds.   was  one  of  the  agenda  items   is  hearing  a  case  seeking  a   first  approval  for  commercial
          mustard.  By  rejecting  it  in   country via HT Hybrid DMH   The  first  is  that  the  CJ,   for  GEAC  meeting  on  May   moratorium on the commercial   release  in  2002,  and  GM
          public  interest,  “you  will  be   11  and  its  variants,  and  our   based  on  the  assurance  given   11.   “The   sub-committee   release of the crop.  mustard now awaits its turn.
          doing India a noble service.”    germplasm will be thoroughly   by the AG Mukul Rohatgi that   submitted  its  report  on  the   The apex court has issued   GM   mustard   has
            Prashant    Bhushan,  in  a   contaminated.” he said.   the  Union  of  India  will  not   safety  document.  GEAC  has   a  stay  on  its  release  and  the   been  facing  criticism  from
          letter  to  the  Minister  quoted    Here are excerpts from the   release DMH 11 “without the   recommended that the crop be   Ministry   of   Environment,   environmentalists,   anti-GM
          from various reports and said   letter to the Minister:   prior approval of the Supreme   approved,” she said.   Forests  and  Climate  Change   activists and the RSS-affiliated
          the  history  of  GM  regulation               Court”,  accordingly,  gave  a   The   Environment   will need a sanction from the   Swadeshi Jagran Manch.
          in  India  is  “embedded  in   ‘Unscientific   regulatory   verbal  Order  of  an  interim   Minister  Anil  Dave  has  to   court before giving its nod.
          most   serious   conflict   of   oversight’    injunction till the case is heard   take its decision on the report.   First developed in the early   ‘Unethical’
          interest  and  lack  of  expertise,   I  express  a  deep  disquiet   comprehensively and the issue   However,  whether  the  crop   2000s, GM mustard was one of   Environmental   activist
          where  regulation  has  become   and  anxiety  at  the  opaque   of  HT  mustard  in  substance.   is  commercially  released  for   the  first  genetically  modified   Aruna  Rodrigues,  who  has
          farcical”.             and  unscientific  regulatory        ...Continued on P6  cultivation or not will depend   food  crops  to  be  considered.   ...Continued on P6
          China International Agrochemical
          & Corp Protection Exhibition
          Global aGrochem

          Industry In


              he first grand Agrochem   Nanjing  Red  Sun  Co.  Ltd.
              event  of  the  year,  the   said.
          T18   China  International   The  organizers  expressed
          Agrochemical   &   Corp   their  warm  welcome  to  the
          Protection  Exhibition  2017   leaders,   guests,   exhibitors
          opened  at  the  Shanghai  New   and   visitors   who   were
          International   Expo   Centre   present  in  large  numbers.
          (SNIEC) in Shanghai.   They  also  expressed  their
            The  three-day  CAC  trade   sincere  gratitude  to  relative
          show started on 1st March with   departments  supporting  CAC
          both exhibitors and visitors as   for so many years.
          enthusiastic as ever.     Over   1300   companies
            “Companies are embracing   from 25 countries and regions
          the   spring   of   agrochem   exhibited  their  products  and
          industry,”   said               equipments  this
          Shousheng   Li,                 year, marking a 13
          President,  China               percent  increase
          Petroleum   and                 compared  to  last
          Chemical Industry               year.   Among
          F e d e r a t i o n ,           them  were  145
          when he visited the booths of   overseas  companies,  12  per
          several industry players on the   cent more than last year.  The
          opening day.           total exhibiting space reached
            Many  delegates  spoke   73,000 sq. m., that is an increase
          about  the  importance  of  the   of 18 percent.
          subject  and  the  changing
          scenario.   “The   zero   India pavilion
          growth  target  of  agrochem   Among   the   country
          consumption  set  by  Chinese   pavilions was one from India.
          government benefits us because   There were others from Korea,
          a  more  regulated  market  is   Vietnam,  Thailand,  Pakistan,
          good  for  the  development  of   Australia  and  Turkey,  all  of
          companies  that  comply  with   them  participating  in  CAC
          rules,”  a  representative  from    ...Continued on P5

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